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ID: 19199, ArcStyler

by Keith Giles Email: Anonymous

The ArcStyler is the leading Architectural IDE for Model Driven Architecture (MDA) according to the OMG.
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Updated on Thu, 07 Nov 2002 10:34:47 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 07 Nov 2002 10:34:56 GMT
The ArcStyler is the leading Architectural IDE for Model Driven Architecture (MDA) according to the OMG. It is a new class of integrated platform for architects, developers and project managers who want to leverage models as their design center (model-centric), and automatically produce optimized infrastructure for diverse environments from these models. The ArcStyler enhances classic modeling tools and code-centric programming IDEs by adding automated MDA capabilities to manage the quality and precision of models and to create and manage well-designed IT-infrastructures based on these models. The ArcStyler may be used to add a higher level of automation and quality to any modern development process such as the Unified Process or Agile/XP development. Its architectural support includes automated model-to-model refinement, model quality verifiers and pluggable MDA-Cartridges to create and manage diverse technologies such as J2EE/EJB (all 4 tiers of the J2EE blueprint including Web Services, JCA, Security), .NET or custom infrastructures (COBOL, Host, SAP, CORBA) in an open, extensible MDA environment.

The ArcStyler includes a unique MDA-Cartridge development environment and a standard MDA-Cartridge Architecture enabling anyone to extend all aspects of MDA support or even deliver their own MDA-Cartridges.

Both the OMG and industry analysts have identified the ArcStyler as the leader in a new class of platform for architecture-driven development, the Architectural IDE. For more information regarding MDA. Our recent Wiley including an executive overview, see: book on modern IT architecture, and the first book on Model Driven Architecture, has received top reviews:

For a fast ArcStyler overview, the recommended path is:


The briefings, white papers, feature summary, brochures page:

The guided tours page:

The documentation page:

The ArcStyler MDA page:

Customer success stories and product awards:

"What others are saying" page:

Packaging overview and download information:

The demo kit includes several ArcStyler MDA Cartridges.

Complete list of MDA-Cartridges and downloads:

All Cartridges may be extended with the visual MDA-Cartridge IDE, an integral part of the ArcStyler Architect Edition. See the guided tours page for a demo of the MDA Cartridge IDE. iO is also leading the OMG MDA standardization effort.

To learn more including iO's recent MDA submission see


MDA Concepts and Background from the CEO of the OMG.

Technical MDA from David Frankel, Chief Consulting Arch. at IONA

Diverse MDA Seminar Presentations on applied MDA

OMG White Paper on MDA (OMG document submitted by iO)

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information or assistance.

For more information, see

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