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ID: 19428, Indy 9 IP Address Monitor

by Don Siders Email: Anonymous

Component for Indy 9 that monitors network adapters for changes in any of the IP addresses. Similar to TIdIPWatch, but monitors all IP addresses / adapters.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 7.0 1122 downloads
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Size: 5,430 bytes
Updated on Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:01:02 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 02 Jan 2003 20:44:25 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B1CCFC0AB829B9D5B32A27DC44DAA5BD69154F86
MD5 Hash: EA9CE702E51C80EBBC723E4E836546C1

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A component for Indy 9 that monitors adapters known to the IP protocol stack for changes in any of the IP addresses. Similar to TIdIPWatch, but monitors all IP addresses/adapters.

Does not keep a permanent IP address history list. But does trigger a
TIdIPAddrMonEvent event to signal the adapter number, old IP, and new
IP for the change in status.

OnStatusChanged is used to capture changed IP addresses, and/or to sync with GUI display controls. If you do not assign a procedure for the event handler, this component essentially does nothing except eat small amounts of CPU time.

The thread instance is created and freed when the value in Active is


A procedure used to handle notifications from the component. Includes
parameters that represent the adapter number, previous IP or
'', and the current IP or ''.


Timer thread for the IP address monitor component. Based on

Sleeps in increments of .5 seconds until the Interval has elapsed, and
fires the timer event. Sleep is called in increments to allow checking for Terminated when a long Interval has been specified.


TIdIPAddrMon needs to be registered as a component to allow use in the


Don Siders, Integral Systems, Fri 27 Dec 2002

No copyright. No rights reserved.

Donated to the Internet Direct (Indy) Project for use under the terms
of the Indy Dual License.

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