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ID: 19451, TNumEdit ( A edit for numeric variables )

by Bilgi SARAY Email: Anonymous

This component is the developed form of Edit control to enter number.
( for example 1.000.000,00 )
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 7.0 723 downloads
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Size: 3,883 bytes
Updated on Fri, 31 Jan 2003 05:37:27 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 09 Jan 2003 00:05:03 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1805ABF7069F0FF6A2466CF71CB14E28A4AC1B97
MD5 Hash: DAD9FC7CBFDE57624B2135F35AA5EB71

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{ -----------------------------------
TNumEdit v.1.0 - Freeware
Issue Date : 28.10.2002
BilgiSARAY Software, 2002

This component is the developed form of Edit control to enter number. It has a flexible use because
of its Decimal, DisplayFormat, Value and Alignment features.

Decimal feature; boolean is a value and determines whether a decimal number can be entered or not. Default value number which is entered is integer. (False)

DisplayFormat feature ; it is a string value that determines in which format the entered numbers will be visualized in TNumEdit control. The symbols which are used in delphi’s FormatFloat function must be used in this feature.

An example for integers :
To indicate 12345 as 12.345 DisplayFormat must be : ’#,###’.

An example for decimal numbers : If the number 12345.12 will be visualized as 12.345,12
DisplayFormat must be : ‘#,###. ##’

Default value is ‘#, ###’.

Value feature ; keeps the entered number unformatted.Cause this value can be used in direct
mathematical processes. It varies with Text feature. When the content of the Value or Text features change, the other one is updated automatically.

Alignment feature ; It determines where the entered number will be visualised in TNumEdit control. Left justify, center or right justify. (taLeftjustify, taCenter, taRightJustify). Default value is ‘ right justify ’.

In addition to these features OnInputError event is defined in order to control errors. It is triggered
when a false key is entered. For instance, a warning message can be given to the user in this way.

The component has a detected defect. You can’t enter ‘0’ number to the component after decimal separator at the time of running. Converting Text feature to Extended data type in order to transfer the Text feature to the Value feature instantly is the reason.

For example, entering 123,05 can not be done.The ones who want to improve the component can
improve by writing their additions without changing any part including this paragraph of this title.
{ -----------------------------------
TNumEdit v.1.0 - Build 2
Issue Date : 06.11.2002
BilgiSARAY Software, 2002

It is possible to make zero enter after decimal separator in decimal numbers with a change in
TNumEdit.Change process. Example : 1,01 can be entered.

Have a good working …

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