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ID: 19576, NFL Sample Bold Application

by Randy Trexler Email:

NFL Project is a sample Bold application with a small framework for creating applications built on a common 'System' model.
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Size: 81,586 bytes
Updated on Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:33:41 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:07:04 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C9B06B81F0680410CBB32FCF423EC5A734B13015
MD5 Hash: 27C4EA7B36074209547EB3F100C3E390

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For those of you familiar with the National Footbal League, the NFL.dpr Project is a sample Bold application that has code to show the following :

- know who the current user is using the bold application

- provides automatic user identification when the BoldSystem is activated

- shows how a Bold Object can be used to represent the persisted version of the system (or application). Useful for Application-Wide settings

- provides some registration procedures to manage global objects for your appliation. Different procedures for different kinds of global objects: RegisterGlobalObject, RegisterSingletonObjects, and RegisterEnumeratedObjects. Passing a value for the last parameter will tell the procedure to create a OCL variable for that object. This makes the object easily accessible from within an OCL expression

- shows how to register an object as a Global OCL variable

- shows how to initialize your database after you change or model and regenerate your database.

- shows how to use class methods for general class operations

- TdmNFLInterface (interface to Bold System for NFL application) descends from TdmSystemInterface, which encapsulates much of the functionality listed above. It makes jumping into New Projects much easier by just descending from this class
- just add the dmSystemInterface_ unit to your project
- create a new descendent of TdmSystemInterface, naming is something like TdmXXXXInterface
- override 1 or 2 key methods
- Place the TBoldModel component on your new descendent class
(due to a Bold bug, TBoldModel components don't work properly at design-time when instantiated by the ancestor)
- Point your other Bold components to the TBoldModel

- TADOConnection uses a UDL datalink file for configuration properties at run-time. This 'default' UDL can be overriden by a cmd-line UDL parameter. If not using ADO, you'll probably want to remove the SetConnectionString line in the SystemInterface's constructor (TdmSystemInterface.Create). Also remove SetConnectionString and GetUDLFileName methods.

- added currentlogin to TOclExplorerForm

Project uses the TOclExplorerForm and TOCLSyntaxForm by Anthony Richardson.

..\Database -> contains Access 2000 database for NFL Application
..\Delphi -> delphi project and source code (uses ADOAdapter and ADOConnection)
..\Rose -> Rose model for the NFL Application

To Install :
1. Unzip the contents of the file to C:\nfl. You should be able to open the project, compile and run (assuming you have Access2000 on your machine)

Good luck!! Some documentation exists in the source. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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