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ID: 19731, ClassFinder 1.0

by Daniel Brugger Email: Anonymous

Tool to find classes and other file types in the file system, in archives or in the project's classpath.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 8.0 265 downloads
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Size: 127,723 bytes
Updated on Sun, 06 Apr 2003 11:10:15 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 06 Apr 2003 11:03:54 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B874D66A4EA0A3B2D4E10BB3AB026273275A5E0E
MD5 Hash: 7C5FCD379F2DF2C02F408D7929F511DC

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Version: 1.0 (2003-04-06)
Author: Daniel Brugger, BruggerDaniel(at)

What is ClassFinder?
ClassFinder is a utility to find classes and any other file types either in the project's classpath or anywhere else in the file system. ClassFinder implements many handy features such as different search options, remembering previously entered search queries and offers the ability to start programs, view archives or open files just out from the search result.

ClassFinder helps answering the following questions:
- which archive / JAR file you have to include in your project's class path to reach a specific class
- from which JAR file the VM class loader loads a specific class
- in which order the VM class loader searches for classes - this helps to resolve class loader conflicts
- were to find any file in the file system and in archives

Although ClassFinder's intended purpose is to find classes, ClassFinder can also be used as a "FileFinder": It searches not only for *.class files but also for any other file type according your search query.

ClassFinder provides options to search in archives (.zip, .jar, .war and .ear files), to search with multiple wildcards '*' and presents matches in a sortable table. Ongoing searches can be interrupted at any time. ClassFinder is fast: On a Windows XP system, ClassFinder was 2 to 30 times faster (!) than the search tool provided by the Windows Explorer (however, running the same test on a Windows 98 system, Win 98 won). Anyway, this utility is also a useful supplement to the Windows Explorer file search. See instructions in the Readme.txt file how to register ClassFinder as a Windows Explorer Shell Extension.

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