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ID: 20027, LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging v13

by Catherine Whitten Email: Anonymous

Powerful .NET imaging components allow developers to add optimized image viewing, processing, file I/O and TWAIN scanning.
Sample code included for Borland C# Builder.
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 227 downloads
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Size: 43,193,711 bytes
Updated on Wed, 14 May 2003 13:17:32 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 14 May 2003 12:07:24 GMT
SHA1 Hash: DC181A8D5BF63C0D78992FE1E1E941531357BD98
MD5 Hash: 5B8177CCAB8B89B6925CEB0B776BD114

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LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Developer SDK

A LEADTOOLS SDK allows you to empower your applications with the best imaging technology available.

Whether you need to support images in a database, compress images for storage, view images or add simple or sophisticated image processing tasks – with LEADTOOLS, you can handle it all with just a few simple SDK calls.

File Format Support - Read, write and convert image files in over 140 of the most popular standard image formats, including JPEG, GIF*, TIFF (including G3/G4, LZW*, CMYK, JTIF, many more), PNG, BMP, MODCA/IOCA, PCX, TGA, and many more!

Image Processing - Use more than 90 digital filters and transforms to process images (or selected portions). Smooth, sharpen, edge detect/enhance, modify brightness/contrast/gamma, change hue and saturation, red-eye removal, unsharp mask, add noise, resize and rotate images using various resampling techniques (including bicubic), and much more.

Image Color Conversion - Convert between color modes, like 24-bit true-color, 8-bit indexed, 1-bit black/white, and many more. Changing the color mode changes the amount of data stored per pixel, which alters an image's memory/disk requirements.

Image Compression - Compress images using a wide variety of compression algorithms, including JPEG, CMP, LZW*, G3/G4, Huffman, run-length, and many more . LEAD offers comprehensive support for compression schemes found in standard raster file formats, as well as high-performance proprietary compression technologies that outperform the industry standards.

Image Display/Effects - Render images or selected regions to display device while controlling position/scaling, resample method (normal/bilinear/bicubic), brightness/contrast/gamma, color-reduction/dithering, image(source) and device(destination) clipping, and more. Navigate large images using a small pan-window, browse a group of images using a thumbnail viewer, apply 2000+ paint transitions and effects between viewed images.

Scanning via fast TWAIN - Control image acquisition from any device (scanner, digital camera, etc) that supports TWAIN. Use device's built in user-interface or create your own. LEADTOOLS' gives you the fastest TWAIN available.

Printing - Print images or selected regions while controlling position/scaling, halftoning/dithering. Print multiple images and text to a single or multiple pages.

Database Imaging - Store images in any of over 140 supported file-format/compression-techniques to a variety of databases, including SQL, Oracle or any database which supports ODBC, OLE DB, or that can be bound via a .NET control.

Imaging Common Dialogs - Utilize common dialogs for many common imaging tasks, such as file loading and saving with thumbnail preview, color conversion, input of filter parameters, and many more.

Internet Imaging - Includes functions to load images from URL's or memory streams.

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