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ID: 20197, E.S.T Help Author Pro

by Lajos Farkas Email: Anonymous

E.S.T is complete help authoring tool to create the most popular help formats from only one single source.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 7.0 185 downloads
Copyright: No significant restrictions

Size: 7,238,436 bytes
Updated on Mon, 16 Jun 2003 06:24:15 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 16 Jun 2003 06:21:52 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 8F4FFE639D65ED7F01944671FF561D0E3146B9B5
MD5 Hash: 52A0322ADF5B94022FB31CCFA0CE3652

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E.S.T is complete help authoring tool to create the most popular help formats from only one single source.

It supports: Standard Windows Help File (HLP), HTML Help Format (CHM), Web Help (HTML), Rich Text Format ManuaL (RTF), ANSI Text Format Manual (TXT), Unicode Text Format Manual (TXT), Electronic Book (Win32 Executable)

Most important Features: 100% WYSIWYG Text Editor, Property windows for project and topics, Advanced Link Editor, Macro Editor for Win32 Help files, Full featured Find and Replace functionality, Compiler Conditions, Plain HTML Support System, Live Text Fields, System and Custom Topic Template Definitions, Object Inspector, Bullets, Numbering support, supports usage of tables in topics, Built-in syntax highlighter, Window Editor, Font&Paragraph formatting, Border and Background formatting, Spell checker and Thesaurus, OLE Object Support, Print Preview, Bookmarks, Trash for deleted topics, Anchor definition in topics, Undo/Redo function, Keyword Editor, Index and Contents Editors, Browse Sequence Editors, Baggage Editors for Win32, Help Topic information export, Include file generator for Delphi and C++ Builder, Pre-defined Bullet Images for VCL documentations, Customizable user interface, And so many many many....

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