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ID: 20225, BQEPack3.50 is a Powerful Building Query Engine and FastReport

by zhq zzz Email: Anonymous

BQEPack3.50 is a set of components for DELPHI5,6,7 & C++Builder6 constructed a powerful Query schema(SQL) and for FastReport2.4-2.5
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For C++Builder, Version 6.0  to 6.0 138 downloads
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Size: 5,856,844 bytes
Updated on Sat, 30 Aug 2003 22:51:38 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 22 Jun 2003 17:33:44 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 55D79217EF892B9F9ECF06D77F9A40AD561E7D2C
MD5 Hash: 750F343F3AF10BC519EA3A5BECC19B80

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BQEPack is a set of components for Borland DELPHI5.6.7 and C++ Builder6 designed to establish database connection, retrieve data from the server, and build some powerful Query schemas. frBQEPack is a set of components for FastReport designed to construct a powerful Query schemas and retrieve data. They are used easily and quickly. frBQEPack includes the components of the BQEPack.

BQEPack provides two components (TDBConnection and TBQEComp), frBQEPack provides three components(TfrDBConnection, TfrBQEDataSet and TfrBQEComp) for Fast Report.

TDBConnection encapsulates BDE, ADO, dbExpress and InterBase connections to a database server. In addition to describing and establishing database connections, TDBConnection surfaces properties, methods, and events for controlling server login, managing transactions, fetching metadata, retrieving data from the server, and applying data to the server easily. TDBConnection allows you to switch connection from one to another quickly, you only need to change the ConnectionKind property or change compiler directives.

TBQEComp(Dynamic Building Query Engine) is a powerful dynamic building query engine. It can help developer, including Database programer and report designer, to construct some query schemas. In addition to supporting all SQL-92 relational operators, TBQEComp extends some useful relational operators -- for example, roStartLike, roNotStartLike, roContainLike, roNotContainLike, roNumComplex, roNotNumComplex, roStrComplex, roNotStrComplex, and so on. If relational operators are these enhanced operators, EndUser expediently enter a batch data into a parameter, then TBQEComp can make a strong query statement. TBQEComp automatically pop-up the parameter's form so that EndUser inputs some their

attentive parameters, if you wish so. Especially, The constraint condition will be ignored when OPERAND EndUser inputs is empty! Furthermore, Developer can design a lot of schemas by TBQEComp.Schemas. EndUser is also allowed to define their some wishful query schemas, and developer can add some additional constraint conditions on it.

TfrDBConnection, TfrBQEDataSet and TfrBQEComp are used to establish database connection, retrieve data from the server, and build a powerful Query schema in the FastReport Designer.

This trial is full function and no limited.

+ TDBUpdateSQL: support BDE, ADO, DBExpress
+ TBQEComp: EndUser can pickup the value(constant value and from database) for Parameter
+ TfrBQEDataSet: Add the BQEComp and Schema properties
+ TBQEComp: its TBQEWizard support to Move Up and Down now
+ Demo: add simple reprot manager for FastReport
- bug: TBQEComp.Param.Options.PickupKind can't save the value:pkSQL
- other bugs

+ TBQEComp: add roEndLike, roNotEndLike operators
- fixed: TDBConnection: Don't save TDBConnection.Connected property
- fixed: TBQEComp: can't use ';' as delimiter of the operand

+ support delphi5

+ support MSAccess
+ rewrite examples
- bugs

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