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ID: 20255, More accessebility to set elements

by Daniel Baulig Email: Anonymous

It should be possible to access each element in a set without needing to check each possible element for it's occurance
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Updated on Sat, 23 Aug 2003 09:37:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 29 Jun 2003 13:31:40 GMT
if you want to access each element in a set, you'll need to do somethin like that:

SetOfInts: TIntSet;
Value: Integer;
for Value := Low(Integer) to Hight(Integer) do
if Value in SetOfInts then
//DoSomething with Value

thats neither nice nore is it very performant
something like the following would look much nicer and would give a lot more power to sets

SetOfInts: TIntSet;
Value: Integer;
foreach Value in SetOfInts do
// Do Something with Value
PS: I just found the construct as in php would suite the needs more: foreach SetOfInts as Value do
//Do something with Value

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