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ID: 20513, KONDEV Console Development Enviroment

by Chris Brooklyn Email:

How about a COMPLETE development enviroment, based on the best C++ IDE around, but designed for games consoles, ALL consoles. You even get an emulator.
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Updated on Tue, 26 Aug 2003 10:11:36 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 26 Aug 2003 01:31:25 GMT
KONDEV Console Development Enviroment.

Ever wanted to write the next blockbuster game but find that the packages needed require significant amounts on money to be paid to various companies prior to them giving you any information.

Well how about an Open Source suite that allows you to develop for ANY console, also supports PC's on Windows/Linux. But not only that you get ALL the source for the editor. You also get a variety of other useful tools, graphics editors for 2d/3d, audio editor, cd-burning software, built-in debugger, and emulator (Yes EMULATOR!).

Note that it is not complete yet and still needs a lot of work to it, before I feel that it is ready for a major release, but hey it may help you in a few areas.

Here's a snippet from the features list

Compatible with MS Windows 98 or higher.
Mutli-Threaded Editor for faster user response.
Multi-Document Interface (MDI) for editing of more than one file/module at once.
Fully configurable enviroment.
C/C++ syntax highlighting.
Auto-code completion, code templates.
Supports multi-targets.
Support for virtually any compiler set.*
Support for external user packages. Either at Design-Time or Run-time support.
Built-in Debugger.
Built-in Target Emulator. (Note only PlayStation at present is supported here, more to follow.)

*Compiler Set is defined as a C/C++ compiler, linker, assembler and optional debugger and make tools.

I desided to write it because I was unable to find a suitable development enviroment (well without paying a lot) for consoles, yes ok if you want the PlayStation or this or that, what about porting from say PlayStaion 2 to XBox for example? or to/from a PC/N64 etc.

Eventually it will encompass things like the ability to communication directly with a console through whatever ports are available on both the PC and the console, serial, parallel, USB, Network. Also support for creation of your projects to CD for direct usage on the target console.

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed, in fact its encouraged!

Have Fun

Cobra El Diablo

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