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ID: 20763, Super

by Wei Jiang Email: Anonymous

Super is a suite of J2EE tools for monitoring and administrating.
It has the following components:
SuperEnvironment, SuperLogging, SuperPeekPoke, SuperReport, SuperScheduler and SuperStress
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For JBuilder, Version 5.0  to 9.0 77 downloads
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Size: 4,571,929 bytes
Updated on Wed, 15 Oct 2003 10:26:10 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 15 Oct 2003 10:19:41 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 0EC99066CA6ECC34C3CB3A9421665F5C355DC6C7
MD5 Hash: 3DFAE0487B65A40C33F2056D3F3EC6DB

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Super is a suite of J2EE tools for monitoring and administrating. It is component based architecture. It has the following components:

SuperEnvironment: A J2EE tool for environment monitoring and managing.
SuperLogging: A J2EE logging system with dynamical management GUI and source level J2EE tracing. It supports clustering environment.
SuperPeekPoke: An EJB tool for inspection.
SuperReport: A J2EE report tool. It is a data mining program for SuperLogging.
SuperScheduler: A J2EE scheduler. It can be run on any node of the network at any time. It uses SuperPeekPoke for set EJB tasks visually. It runs SuperReport and SuperPatrol tasks to periodically check the health of your J2EE application as well.
SuperStress: An EJB tool for stress test. It uses SuperPeekPoke to set EJB test case visually.
SuperArch is the framework for Super. All above components are hosted on SuperArch.

SuperArch provides built-in functionality as well as extensions as SuperComponents. Users can install extensions onto it.

Super and its components are written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language and is platform independent. Super supports the following EJB servers:

WebLogic 6.1, 7.0 and 8.1.
WebSphere 4.0, 5.0.1
SunONE 7.0
jBoss 3.0 and 3.2
JOnAS 2.4 and 2.6
Super supports all the standard SQL 92 entry level databases, it has been tested on the following databases:

Oracle 8.1
IBM DB2 8.1
Sybase enterprise server 12.5
Hypersonic SQL 1.4
Super is platform neutral. it has been tested on the following platforms:

Windows NT and 2000
Solaris 7, 8
RedHad Linux 7.3

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