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ID: 20769, Spices.Net

by Maria Bezsonova Email: Anonymous

Spices.Net - powerful tool for .Net developers that offers obfuscation, decompilation and analytical features. Spices.Net is plugin environment that constantly renewing new possibilities.
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 8.0 45 downloads
Copyright: No significant restrictions

Size: 1,348,075 bytes
Updated on Thu, 23 Oct 2003 17:13:08 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 16 Oct 2003 22:51:06 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B895F0C299A375FD22A0B14D33529C79D0EEDEE9
MD5 Hash: D522E037D41B8A61A16989FBCA700276

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Programming in Microsoft's .NET Framework gives additional horizons in realization of various
ideas with an extensive set of features.
Altogether with these powerful capabilities one major drawback is now also a reality:
decompilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL).
As a result of this feature your code may get disassembled, studied and altered by third parties.
Spices.Net is a class browser and disassembler with professional look and feel.
Spices.Net works together with our Spices.Decompiler and Spices.Obfuscator, and also include
console mode NRObfuscator.
Spices.Decompiler offers decompilation features for 6 languages:
IL(same functionality as Microsoft ILDASM utility), C#, C++, VB.Net, J#, Delphi.Net.
For reduction of risk of infringement of the intellectual property,
9Rays.Net offers the ultimate solution for this situation - Spices.Ofuscator for Spices.Net versions.
In the nearest future Spices.Net will be contains more plugins -
such as Spices.Investigator (.Net PE metadata browser) and Spices.Informer (assembly member info

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