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ID: 20790, PS.Data.iSeries

by Peter Sawatzki Email: Anonymous

PS.Data.iSeries.dll is a Delphi for .NET driver for connecting to iSeries (AS/400) databases via IBM's iSeries Access product through Borlands BDP .NET technology.
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 8.0 62 downloads
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Size: 1,068,824 bytes
Updated on Mon, 08 Dec 2003 01:08:05 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 19 Oct 2003 06:21:24 GMT
SHA1 Hash: A68F303C821D9ADB19C9D0248F2A82FE47605B3A
MD5 Hash: 358FFC11DCC5A0B102C8524C2DAC2116

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PS.Data.iSeries driver for Delphi for .NET Release Notes ============================= Copyright © 2003 Peter Sawatzki ( Mail: Buchenhof 3, 58091 Hagen, GERMANY WWW: Version: 2.0.92 Date: 08.12.2003 (see end of document for detailed development history) Abstract -------- PS.Data.iSeries.dll is a driver for connecting to iSeries (formerly called AS/400) databases via IBM's iSeries Access (Client Access/400) product through Borlands BDP .NET technology. Licensing --------- Usage of PS.Data.iSeries.dll is free for commercial and non-commercial use. Sourcecode is available for purchase. Requirements ------------ * Delphi for .NET or C#Builder Version 1.0. * .NET Framework 1.1. * An installed version of iSeries Access (formerly called Client Access/400) is required. The driver has so far been tested with iSeries Access V5R2, SI08894 Client Access Express V5R1, SI06804 Client Access Express V4R5, SF67104 (23-Apr-2002) Client Access Express V4R4, SF65706 (15-May-2001) Client Access V3R2, SF67055 (final release) On the OS/400 side make sure the latest PTFs are applied, especially if you want to use the LOB features. The following DB2 group PTFs are recommended: OS/400 V5R2: SF99502 OS/400 V5R1: SF99501 OS/400 V4R5: SF99105 OS/400 V4R4: SF99104 Currently most of driver testing is done with iSeries Access V5R2 against OS/400 V5R2. For LOB support at least V5R1 of Client Access and at least OS/400 V4R5 are required. Quickstart instructions ----------------------- Extract the contents of the archive into a directory of your choice. On a command line execute "gacutil /i PS.Data.iSeries.dll" and copy the bdpiseries.dll to a directory in your path (for example \Windows\system32) (I'm assuming that your iSeries Access environment was previously set up) Development environment installation instructions ------------------------------------------------- To use the driver in your development environment I suggest to add the following entries to your C#Builder configuration file found in the BDS\1.0\bin directory: File bdpDataSources.xml ----------------------- Tables Procedures Views Connection Sample ----------------- A simple Delphi for .NET/BDP connection sample that works on every iSeries system would be something like this: program ConsoleSimple; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {%DelphiDotNetAssemblyCompiler '..\..\..\..\program files\common files\borland shared\bds\2.0\shared assemblies\Borland.Data.Common.dll'} {%DelphiDotNetAssemblyCompiler '..\..\..\..\program files\common files\borland shared\bds\2.0\shared assemblies\Borland.Data.Provider.dll'} uses SysUtils, Borland.Data.Provider; Const Conn = 'Database=*;Username=;Password= ;Assembly=PS.Data.iSeries, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=df047b757d3f379a'; var bdpReader: BdpDataReader; bdpCmd: BdpCommand; bdpConn: BdpConnection; begin Console.Write('Connection to iSeries database system...'); bdpConn:= BdpConnection.Create(Conn); bdpConn.Open; Console.WriteLine('Done.'); bdpCmd:= BdpCommand.Create('select * from QIWS.QCUSTCDT', bdpConn); bdpReader := bdpCmd.ExecuteReader; Console.WriteLine('CustNo: Name (Street)'); while bdpReader.Read do Console.WriteLine(Format('%s: %s (%s)', [bdpReader['CUSNUM'], bdpReader['LSTNAM'], bdpReader['STREET']])); bdpReader.Close; end. A simple C#/BDP connection sample that works on every iSeries system would be something like this: class ConsoleTestiSeries { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { string SQL = "select * from QIWS.QCUSTCDT"; // this is a table on every iSeries string Conn = "Database=*;Username=;Password= ;Assembly=PS.Data.iSeries, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=df047b757d3f379a"; Console.Write("Connection to iSeries database system..."); BdpConnection bdpConn = new BdpConnection(Conn); bdpConn.Open(); Console.WriteLine("Done."); BdpCommand bdpCmd = new BdpCommand(SQL, bdpConn); BdpDataReader bdpReader = bdpCmd.ExecuteReader(); Console.WriteLine("CustNo: Name (Street)"); while (bdpReader.Read()) Console.WriteLine(bdpReader["CUSNUM"] + ": " + bdpReader["LSTNAM"] + " (" + bdpReader["STREET"]+")"); bdpReader.Close(); } Notice that password is set to a space to avoid a username/password dialog! Samples ------- the following sample applications are included: ConsoleSimple GridSimpleCS ConsoleSimpleCS (make sure that PS.Data.iSeries.dll and bdpiSeries.dll are in the same directory as the sample applications) Options ------- Connection options are specified in the form "option1=value1;option2=value2" just like the connectionstring is specified. The following ConnectionOptions for a bdpConnection are supported: trace=0 disable trace (default) trace=1 trace to OutputDebugString (see "Event Log" in IDE) trace=2 trace to SQLMonitor (needs Enterprise SKU) trace=3 trace to OutputDebugString and SQLMonitor sysnaming=true/false enable system naming instead of SQL naming libs=Lib1,Lib2,..,LibN set the libraries that are searched for metadata limitmd=300 limit metadata retrieval to n tables (default: 300) lobthreshold=16384 set LOB threshold to 16 KB (LOBs<16KB are returned 'inline') describe=0 set column name types: 0=ALIAS_NAMES (default), 1=NAMES_ONLY, 2=LABELS trimchar=true/false right trim spaces from char() columns role=myrole set role to myrole QuoteObjects=true/false determines if objects are quoted or not sorttype=-1 specifies how the server sorts records before sending them to the client. -1 = default setting, use what is defined for the job/user 0 = Sort based on hexadecimal values of the EBCDIC character 1 = Shared-Weight sort based on the language set in /languageid property (uppercase and lowercase characters sort as the same character) 2 = Unique-Weight sort based on the language set in /languageid property (uppercase and lowercase characters sort as different characters) 3 = Sort based on the sort sequence table set in the SORTTABLE property sorttable=ENU if sorttype is 1 or 2, specifies a 3-character language id to use for selection of a sort sequence: AFR Afrikaans CSY Czech SQI Albanian DAN Danish ARA Arabic NLD Dutch NLB Belgian Dutch ENA English Australian FRB Belgian French ENP English Upper Case PTB Brazilian Portuguese FAR Farsi BGR Bulgarian FIN Finnish BEL Byelorussian FRA French FRC Canadian French DEU German CAT Catalan ELL Greek HRV Croatian HEB Hebrew GAE Irish Gaelic HUN Hungarian ITA Italian ISL Icelandic JPN Japanese Katakana SRL Serbian Latin KOR Korean CHS Simplified Chinese MKD Macedonian SKY Slovakian NOR Norwegian - Bokmal SLO Slovenian NON Norwegian - Nynorsk ESP Spanish PLK Polish SVE Swedish PTG Portuguese FRS Swiss French RMS Rhaeto-Romanic DES Swiss German ROM Romanian ITS Swiss Italian RUS Russian THA Thai SRB Serbian Cyrillic CHT Traditional Chinese ENU US English (default) TRK Turkish ENG UK English if sorttype=3, specifies a user defined sort table name. May be further qualified by /sortlib= sortlib= Specifies the library of a sort sequence table stored on the iSeries server. This property has no effect unless the /sorttype property is set to 3. Tip: specify "libs=*LIBL" or "libs=MAINLIB" to limit metadata retrieval to the libraries you are interested in (where MAINLIB is your main working LIB). Release History --------------- 2.0.84 release for C#Builder 2.0.85 add Row property to iSeriesResolver 2.0.86 fix CLOB bug 2.0.87 fix CLOB LOCATOR bug with params 2.0.88 logon fix for V3R2, cursorname for Stored Procedures fix 2.0.92 release for Delphi8 for .NET Link ---- See for the latest version

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