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ID: 21098, Sharp File Swap

by adrian gallero Email: Anonymous

An expert to switch between open files on the order you last accessed them, similar to Alt-Tab on windows. Supports file bookmarks too.
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For C#Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 128 downloads
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Size: 93,360 bytes
Updated on Wed, 07 Apr 2004 18:16:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 17 Nov 2003 07:08:38 GMT
SHA1 Hash: E88E681D6BB1A6E7A4E758813052735C5BA7C3D0
MD5 Hash: 6806942E4496F0E818FBBE87C5E09FB0

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New on v1.1:
* Added icons for .pas files
* Provided a compiled dll, so you can use it on D8 if you don't have C#builder to compile it.

This is an expert focused on a faster navigation between open units on the IDE. I made it because I found I spend too much time searching for the unit I was working some minutes ago.

Tabs get inefficient as soon as you have more than 10 tabs opened. The project manager is better, but it can take you some time to find your file when you have hundreds of them. And both methods make you use the mouse, which is good some times, but not so much others.

The observation that 'inspired' this expert is that you are normally working on the 3-4 last files you acessed. So, this gives you a very fast way to switch between them. Just press Alt-Ctrl-Tab, keep pressing Tab without releasing Alt-Ctrl, and you can select the icon of the file you want to work with. It behaves similar to Alt-Tab on windows, it does not just switch between tabs (like ctrl-tab, or Alt-Tab on win3.1), it shows the icons of the files and lets you choose the one you want. Icons are different for different file types, and files from other projects are shown on black and white.

Bookmars are supported too. You can press '1' to '5' while not releasing Alt-Ctrl, and later you can access that file (even if it is not opened) by pressing Alt-1...Alt-5 Bookmarks are persistent when you close the IDE, so you can use them to mark very used units.

An example of use:
1) You are working on a file, and for the method you are writing, you have to declare a const on a global definitions file called "Consts.cs". If you have bookmarked Consts.cs on position 5, you can press "Alt-5" to go to it, write the declaration, and press Alt-Ctrl-Tab to go back and continue working. This is all automatic, you don't have to think or search for the files, and you don't have to leave your hands from the keyboard.

2) When you app raises an exception and the debugger opens another file, this is the fastest way to come back to where you were.

But it has a lot of more uses... I find myself using it more and more each time.

Best regards,

I would like to specially thank Erik Berry and David Hervieux for their help, source and ideas.

Ps: If you are using D7, you can download the original D7 version at

Contest entry forC#Builder and Delphi Open Tools API plug-in

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