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ID: 21145, GDI+ Isometric Demo

by Dominique Louis Email: Anonymous

This is a demo, of a very basic isometric style engine using GDI+
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 8.0 761 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 28,087 bytes
Updated on Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:50:39 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 22 Nov 2003 16:41:28 GMT
SHA1 Hash: F35EFDAB9D56FC302B270318C9948A5825B778F3
MD5 Hash: 7477C470552003EEAC109098466A7F82

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{ I suppose everyone has a favorite application that they port to }
{ any new environment they want to learn about. Sort of like a }
{ Hello World program. }
{ This demo, of a very basic isometric style engine, is mine. }
{ }
{ Isometric Demo is a simple demonstration of : }
{ - System.Drawing classes }
{ - Making use of KeyDown and MouseMove events }
{ - How to use the Timer component to dynamically repaint the }
{ client area of the form }
{ - Using the OnPaint event }
{ - Displaying and moving a bitmap mouse. }
{ - simple sprite animation }

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