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ID: 22064, Access Converter, Java Edition

by Reed Ellsworth Email: Anonymous

Access Converter is an Access database add-in that converts entire Access applications (Forms, Modules, Macros) to Java. Reports are converted to Crystal Reports.
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For JBuilder, Version 7.0  to 11.0 56 downloads
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Size: 5,313,785 bytes
Updated on Fri, 06 Aug 2004 19:38:34 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 06 Aug 2004 19:31:45 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 268B34E795C9850524137A065007DBDBE463DE89
MD5 Hash: 3935F0B816777897AE8B97D66DEAF3A3

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Access Converter is a Access 97/2000/2002/2003 database add-in is specifically designed for organizations wanting to convert Access applications to Java including the Forms, Macros, Access Basic, VBA code and Reports. Access Reports are converted to Crystal Reports that can viewed in Java, HTML, or PDF. Access Converter eliminates the need to rewrite Access applications in Java.


* Generates Java source (no native code used) from Access projects (modules, classes, macros, controls, reports, and forms).

* Generates Crystal Reports from Access reports.
Converts Access database applications (Forms, VBA code, Classes, Macros) to Java.

* Can run as either a Java applet or as a stand-alone Java application depending on how the application was started up.

* Supports over 70 controls and objects including Menu, Grid, ProgressBar, ImageList, SSTab, TreeView, and the ThreeD controls.

* Allows debugging of Java applications within Access or any Java IDE (Borland JBuilder, Symantec VisualCafe, IBM Eclipse, Sun Forte (NetBeans), Oracle JDeveloper, and others).

* Migrates DAO database access into Java database access using JDBC and a Java implementation of the ADO objects.

* Adds Java database support (JDBC), facilitating the creation of Java applets that can access data on Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, Informix and other databases.

* Supports all Access data types, including Variant, Object and Collection.

* Automatic type casting and conversion to the native Java data types.

* Supports local file I/O.

* Customizable conversion rules. If you want to add the ability to convert new controls or functions or want to change how the conversion is done, you simply change a few simple conversion rules.

* Runtime Java classes may be distributed royalty free.

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