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ID: 22137, SDE Personal Edition for JBuilder 1.2

by Thomas Chan Email: Anonymous

SDE for JBuilder is a UML modeling tool seamlessly integrated with JBuilder. This edition supports all UML diagrams, CRC diagram, auto-layout, plug-in, template...
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For JBuilder, Version 9.0  to 12.0 29 downloads
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Size: 79,781,152 bytes
Updated on Fri, 19 Aug 2005 04:32:34 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:42:05 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3BB88022C6442B969BEE5B8180F81024639A05D1
MD5 Hash: 9D215E912E75DEA30EF72B1F087CCF08

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Accelerate the development of quality applications with Visual Paradigm Modeling Environment and Borland JBuilder. Visual Paradigm SDE for JBuilder (SDE-JB) speeds the application development lifecycle by integrating the JBuilder within one-stop-shop solution. A visual bridge among architects, analyst, designer and developers, Visual Paradigm SDE for JBuilder is engineered to increase the speed of requirement capturing, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. Visual Paradigm SDE for JBuilder also automate tedious tasks that can distract developers from development.

The Personal Edition is available at an affordable price for non-commercial use, and is the best tool for starting to learn UML. It integrates seamlessly with JBuilder, which facilitates coding and UML modeling in a single environment. It supports all the standard UML notations and diagrams for modeling, and provides an intuitive user interface including resource-centric to simplify diagram editing. Textual analysis and CRC card diagrams are supported to help identifying candidate classes from the problem statement and identifying the collaborations and responsibilities between objects. Users can also access and interact with the UML models using the VP-UML open architecture by writing plug-ins and templates. Other supporting features include printing, automatic diagram layout and export diagram to image.

The Personal Edition supports all the features in the Community Edition, and it does not have the restriction in the number of diagrams created per diagram type. The only restrictions are the printouts and exported images will all have a one line watermark at the top-left corner.

SDE for JBuilder General Features:
Latest UML Notation
- Use Case Diagram
- Class Diagram
- Sequence Diagram
- Collaboration Diagram
- State Diagram
- Activity Diagram
- Component Diagram
- Deployment Diagram
- System Boundary
- Use Case Extension Points

Basic Modeling
- Inline Diagram Editing
- Multi-line Captions
- Real Package Containment
- Building Hierarchical Models with Subdiagrams
- Hiding/Showing Compartments
- Inserting Attributes/Operations by Hot Keys
- Pinning Connector End Points
- Customizable Connection Point Styles
- Rectilinear and Oblique Connector style
- Real Time Model Validation
- Show/Hide Shape Contents while Dragging

Advanced Modeling
- Sharing Model Elements
- Property Table for Viewing/Editing the Properties of a Diagram/Diagram Element
- Specification Dialog for Viewing/Editing the Details of a Diagram/Diagram Element
- Editing a Model Element using its Open Specification Dialog
- Forming New Diagram from Existing Models
- Model Generation for generating a new diagram from another (e.g. generating a Collaboration Diagram from a Sequence Diagram)

Requirement Capturing & System Analysis
- CRC Card Diagram
- Problem Statement Editor for Editing the Problem Statement
- Textual Analysis for Identifying Candidate Classes
- Editing Identified Candidate Classes
- Textual Analysis in Project Level
- Textual Analysis for Use Case
- Use Case Scheduling for Prioritizing Use Cases
- Use Case Description Support (including Flow of Event)

Analysis to Design
- Creating Classes from CRC Cards
- Creation of Models from Candidate Classes
- Automatic Diagram Layout
- Arranging Diagram Elements/Connectors
- Arranging Selected Diagram Elements/Connectors
- Arranging Children and Related Connectors
- Documentation Generation & Printing
- HTML Documentation Generation
- PDF Documentation Generation
- Sophisticated Diagram Printing Facility

- Copying Diagram Elements within Projects
- Copying Diagram Elements across Projects
- Copying Diagram Elements to the System Clipboard as Image
- Finding Model Elements/Diagram Elements/ConnectorsStages

Style & Formatting
- Special Color Filling
- Line Style
- Font

Code Engineering
- Real-time Round-trip Engieneering
- Code Generation
- Code Reverse Engineering
- Model Validation
- Instant Reverse
- Java Source & Class
- C++ Source
- .NET dll & exe
- XML & XML Schema

OLE Support
- Editing Diagarms in MS Word, PowerPoint, etc with OLE Support

Import & Export
- Importing XMI Files
- Importing Rational Rose Projects
- Merging VP-UML Projects
- Exporting VP-UML Projects
- Exporting UML Models to XMI Files
- Exporting Diagrams as Images (JPG/PNG/SVG)

Plugin & Template
- Importing and Executing Plug-ins
- Importing and Executing Templates
- Create Plug-in using Plug-in Packer
- Create Template using Template Packer

- Context-Sensitive Help

User Interface
- Resource-centric Interface
- Dockable UI
- Customizable Perspectives
- Various Look-and-Feels
- Toolbars
- Diagram Fast-scroll Pane
- Diagram Quick Previewer
- Project Explorer

Multilingual Support
- VP-UML in Different Languages (German, Japanese, Chinese)
- Translating VP-UML
- Importing Language File to VP-UML

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