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ID: 22414, Report Sharp-Shooter 1.7.5

by Maria Bezsonova Email: Anonymous

Report Sharp-Shooter - the most flexible .NET report generator available on the market. Enjoy royalty-free runtime, source code availability, affordable pricing and convenient licensing!
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 9.0 34 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 3,971,909 bytes
Updated on Mon, 18 Oct 2004 16:44:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Oct 2004 00:11:26 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 4B02D791314BAF230A84742E3B6584CE9FF19C36
MD5 Hash: FB050519F5A4B5F75F5B3500ADD6DB81

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9Rays.Net presents one of its primary products - Report Sharp-Shooter - the most flexible .NET report generator available on the market at the moment. Flexibility, ease of use, rich functionality and design satisfying the most strict requirements – these are the distinguishing features of the Report Sharp-Shooter by 9Rays.Net.
Moreover, among the today’s comprehensive .NET reporting components Report Sharp-Shooter is the only one which comes with the full source code.

Report Sharp-Shooter is a royalty-free report building engine for .NET, capable of creating complex reports from multiple data sources, featuring various report export options - PDF, HTML, EMF, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, Excel, CSV and TXT. New export options are always being added. This components library is 100% .NET compatible and features support for ADO.NET hierarchical data model with relations, WinForms and ASP.NET web forms, and a data-binding model analogous to ASP.NET. Conveniently, Report Sharp-Shooter offers C# /VB.NET scripting support.

In addition, Report Sharp-Shooter includes Win/Web Forms viewers and end-user designer for both report templates and final (rendered) documents. Report Sharp-Shooter can be used to create both bound and unbound reports with an unlimited number of master-detail relations. Importantly, unlike competing products, Report Sharp-Shooter is much easier to deploy (only two dlls required), and it supports all .NET data sources, including ADO.NET and any 3rd-party business objects. Report Sharp-Shooter stores generated reports in the form of objects graph (using ReportDOM). Using XML format for reports makes it possible to share them online. Creating complex reports with Report Sharp-Shooter is extremely easy - Report Wizard helps you to build almost any kind of report just with few clicks.

This solution can be used to solve even the most difficult reporting issues; open plug-in architecture guarantees easy integration into any software projects, no matter how simple or complex. Report Sharp-Shooter’s report generator is capable of importing project namespaces, local variables, procedures and functions from .NET framework. In addition, it offers rich visual controls set, including texts, barcodes, shapes and pictures; it also supports styles and different measurement units.

Report Sharp-Shooter’s market is continuously growing. More and more countries are involved. With Report Sharp-Shooter’s localization support translation of Report Sharp-Shooter text resources into your native language became a breeze! Besides, standard localizations into nearly 10 languages are available.

With our customers satisfaction in mind we have found a way of making its enormous functionality available for you at a very reasonable price.

We have done our best in order to elaborate the most optimal licensing scheme, convenient both for individual developers and for large corporations. Report Sharp-Shooter is licensed per developer. The runtime is royalty-free. For organizations that have large development teams we offer site licensing allowing unlimited number of developers.

We are proud to offer you our excellent technical support service, including technical support forums always available for you at our web site.

Continuously improving our products quality and working on the adjusting of our pricing and licensing scheme in accordance with changing market’s requirements we strive to meet your reporting needs.

Developers from more than 30 countries have already chosen Report Sharp-Shooter, report generator for .NET from 9Rays.NET. Their confidence speaks louder than any advertising.

We are always open for cooperation. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, comments and suggestions at

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