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ID: 22415, Instrumentation Widgets 3.0

by Maria Bezsonova Email: Anonymous

Instrumentation Widgets - the largest hardware device emulation component library for .NET. Meters, indicators, sliders, gauges, knobs, buttons, dials, thermometers, switches, LEDs and other .NET components.
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 9.0 62 downloads
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Size: 1,991,484 bytes
Updated on Fri, 01 Oct 2004 01:13:07 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Oct 2004 01:13:41 GMT
SHA1 Hash: FDB6C4866D1933D8AA6D950D55B5E283C665E7A0
MD5 Hash: 42189C23B42D8583AF0A0ABCAC85458B

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Instrumentation Widgets by 9Rays.Net is the largest hardware device emulation component library for .NET.

Need professional-looking device emulators for creating professional-looking computer simulators or software interfaces? Developing these components on your own and hiring a designer is likely to take a lot of time and will cost thousands of dollars. Why not use an outstanding solution to save time and cut costs?

Instrumentation Widgets is a library of meters, indicators, scales, sliders, gauges, knobs, buttons, dials, tanks, thermometers, switches, matrixes, LEDs and other .NET components that emulate hardware devices. They are all 100% native .NET framework managed components written in C#. In addition, all controls use double buffering to produce smooth animation and avoid flickering.

Currently, we offer over 30 components in the library and more are scheduled to be added soon, which makes Instrumentation Widgets an undisputed leader in this area. With the largest collection of various components available, including compass, oscilloscope, odometer, toggles, multimedia buttons and buttons with skin support, Instrumentation Widgets is the natural choice for software developers, especially, when you consider the fact that all device emulators are fully customizable and scalable. Software users can change size, color, font types, value range and other properties of each component.

Another advantage of this package is its data binding feature - all properties can be bound to a data source of any kind. Conveniently, the library does not require any special skills or time spent studying documentation, which makes integrating Instrumentation Widgets’ components into other software applications a breeze. No designer or artist expertise is necessary. Best of all, Instrumentation Widgets can be tried and tested absolutely free of charge!

Instrumentation 3.0 is distributed electronically over the Internet.

The program comes in two different editions – Standard and Professional. Team and Site licenses are available. The Professional version comes with the full source code.

9Rays.Net is a medium-size company engaged in creating software for developers. Flexibility and ease of use, rich functionality and design satisfying the most strict requirements – these are the distinguishing features of the software products created by our company.

9Rays.Net trade mark is well-known on the development tools and components market since 2001. We are proud to admit that a number of products which are currently being sold under the 9Rays.Net trade mark, have been developed and succefully marketed since 1998.

9Rays.Net sofware developers are high-skilled professionals which allows us to provide the best products quality meeting our customers’ quality requirements.

Our main activity direction – .NET tools and components development.

We have done our best in order to elaborate the most optimal licensing scheme, convenient both for individual developers and for large corporations. Our products are licensed per developer. The runtime is royalty-free. For organizations that have large development teams we offer site licensing allowing unlimited number of developers.

9Rays.Net became well-known for its attractive pricing policy. Advertising costs are not included in the product price.
We are proud to offer you our excellent technical support service, including technical support forums are always available for you at our web site.

We work close with every our customer making sure that you successfully accomplish your tasks using our products.

We are open for cooperation and ready to discuss your proposals. Please feel free to contact us at!

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