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ID: 22443, Edit Revision Comments - Delphi Example for StarTeam SDK

by Jon Robertson Email: Anonymous

EditRevisionComments can modify the comment on the OLDEST revision or the NEWEST revision of all files in a folder. Delphi example of using StarTeam SDK.
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For StarTeam, Version 5.4  to 5.4 274 downloads
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Size: 297,874 bytes
Updated on Sat, 02 Oct 2004 14:11:53 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Oct 2004 15:06:37 GMT
SHA1 Hash: CF01CC56961CDD516BBEE1042E4061EA871D9518
MD5 Hash: 33AF54834E5F1BA78C8AE11CE0D29A49

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0.1.1 - 10/02/04 - Bug Fixes & small UI improvements
0.1.0 - 10/01/04 - Initial Upload

This utility has very little functionality. I had a specific need, and this wrote this util to solve that need. It was a great learning exercise and I look forward to writing more useful StarTeam utils in the future.

Using EditRevisionComments, you can modify the comment on the OLDEST revision or the NEWEST revision of all files in a folder. There is no facility for modifying revision comments for the revisions "in between".

This project demonstrates:
Logging into a StarTeam server
Getting a list of Projects and Users for the StarTeam Server.
Opening a Project and getting a list of Views for the Project.
Iterating through the folders in a view and building a tree view of
the folders.
Opening a folder and iterating through the items in the folder.
Opening an item and iterating through the item's history.
Modifying (and saving!) the comment on an item.

Potential Concern:
The biggest concern is that there is no checking to ensure that all items in a folder are files. It is assumed that they are all files. Again, this was my need and I'm providing this more as an example for other Delphi programmers and not a useful, bulletproof utility.

There are probably other concerns but I haven't thought of them yet.

TjmrStarTeam - Delphi class that provides an "easier" method of accessing StarTeam.

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