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ID: 22536, TUsers Security Component

by Jackson Gomes Email: Anonymous

TUsers allows developers to easily User Authentication and User Rights Management in Delphi and C++ Builder applications.
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For Delphi, Version 9.0  to 9.0 170 downloads
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Updated on Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:35:49 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 08 Oct 2004 05:19:51 GMT
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The TUsers Security Component v2.0 is a set of components especially designed to allow developers to easily implement User Authentication and User Rights Management in applications developed with the tools Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. The component allows to control the access of the application through a login screen, where the user's name and password are requested. The component verifies whether the user is valid and reads their access configurations from the security database, applying the user settings in the application.

The TUsers Security Component is very easy to use. With the TUsers in action, you don't even need to write code to have strong protection covering all the application. Just drop the components in your forms, create the security database (with a utility included in the component package), configure a few properties and your application is then protected.

The component has also several properties, methods and events that allow developers to implement all specific security needs of their applications easily and very fast.

The TUsers allows to control the access to all the VCL, including buttons, menu items, Actions, DBGrids, Queries, Tables and Dataset Fields . The TUsers also works with virtually all the 3rd-party components available on the market.

Some features in TUsers 2.x

The TUsers is a very versatile component. Its broad variety of features allows to implement from the simplest to the strictest security policy for its applications. Version 2.0 has a series of new features, as follows:

* Only one version for any data access component

Now the TUsers has only one version and diverse drivers for each data access component. So you don't need to acquire a TUsers for each component. You just need to use the correct driver for your application. The current version includes drivers for BDE, ADO, IBX, MIDAS, DBISAM and ADS. Visit our web site regularly to download other drivers or send us an email requesting the construction of a driver for the data access component you use. Plus, we have eliminated the error "unit xxx.pas was compiled with diferent version of unit yyy.pas" in the trial versions, therefore the source code for the drivers is included and you can compile them in order to test TUsers.

* New User Administration Module

We have totally redesigned the User Administration Module. The new module shows the security information of the application in a more organized fashion and it is easier to use. Besides, we have added a series of new functions to make things easier for the security administrator. We have freed the user administration from the main component and a new component that encapsulates the module has been created.

* Profile Inheritance

It's a new feature that aims at facilitating the user administration. The administrator can create a user profile and associate it with a Parent profile. Now it is possible to modify permissions in a profile and spread the changes through the profiles inherited, among other functions.

* User can have a different profile for each application

Now the users of your applications can have a different profile for each one of them. They must be associated with a profile to use an application. This has allowed us to eliminate one of the tables from the security database, making it smaller.

* Security settings are stored locally

Now the user's access configurations are stored on their computers. This new feature aims at eliminating network traffic when the component applies the user security settings in the application forms, plus a faster load of the data. An internal mecanism updates the local information when there are changes in the user security settings.

* Standard Profile

The user administrator can choose one of the profiles available and make it the standard profile for new users in an application. When a new user is created, the standard profile is associated with them.

* Automatic Dataset Audit

The TUsers now allow Automatic Dataset Audit for all datasets which are registerd for protection. When a user and a dataset are in Audit Mode, all modifications done by the user are logged by Tusers. If the user edits a record, Tusers will store the original as well the modified record. When the user inserts or delete a record, Tusers will store the original record. The TUsers also allow the developer to restore the original, but this task needs a little programation effort.

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