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ID: 22584, .NET Windows Forms Component Suite v1.1.5

by Richard Morris Email: Anonymous

.NET Windows Forms Components Suite - All the Windows Forms suites from Developer Express. XtraBars, XtraNavBar, XtraEdtiors, XtraGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid, and XtraReports Suites and XtraPrinting Library.
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 9.0 96 downloads
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Size: 54,661,476 bytes
Updated on Sat, 09 Oct 2004 11:36:09 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 08 Oct 2004 13:58:23 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C611CF09CD869F07D94B134E49C30AC5B719A93B
MD5 Hash: 693A8361EAB576DF6EA172C07D9B2356

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Take Advantage of the Leading .NET Windows® Forms Components on the market!

The .NET Windows Forms Components Suite includes all the Windows® Forms control libraries engineered by Developer Express. All libraries included within this package are 100% C# based and fully optimized for the .NET Framework. With Developer Express tools, you can deliver unrivaled capabilities to your end users and produce cutting edge applications in the shortest possible time. Once you start using these products, you are a few mouse clicks away from adding advance navigation and docking facilities to your application using the XtraBars and XtraNavBar suites, provide data browsing and editing via the XtraEditors, XtraGrid, XtraTreeList and XtraVerticalGrid suites and enhance your applications usability with the XtraReports Suite and XtraPrinting Library.

As you can imagine, the products included within this package offer outstanding performance, with a flexible and comprehensive feature set. But this is not only a set of standalone suites - you get the entire interconnected development framework to allow you to centrally mange all components used in your application. With industry leading look and feel controller, you change the entire application's paint style from 3D to WinXP and Office 2003 using just a single property. The tooltip controller gives you centralized control over hints used within all of our controls. Visual controls provide common style customization mechanisms and this even includes a centralized style controller for editors and a flexible style inheritance mechanisms. More than 20 individual data editors from the XtraEditors Library can be incorporated into the cells of our Grid, TreeList, VerticalGrid and even into toolbars produced with our XtraBars Library. In addition - if you need to use an editor with the same settings across multiple grid columns or toolbars, you don't need to create more than one editor - just use a single shared editor repository.

The .NET Windows Forms Components Suite is available now without source code and ships for the low price of $499. If you would like to obtain full source code to our product line, please visit the Developer Express product subscription page.

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