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ID: 22872, PrefixIt!, a tool to use T prefixed names for .NET 2 classes

by Mauro Venturini Email: Anonymous

PrefixIt!, a tool to make possible the use of T prefixed names for .NET classes (now for .NET 2)
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For Delphi, Version 9.0  to 11.0 131 downloads
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Size: 1,800,246 bytes
Updated on Fri, 12 Oct 2007 04:35:07 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:37:44 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D94A6BAB7106C69D018F079CF8862D877767E946
MD5 Hash: DA9C9833D680F440F09908CCC7D60806

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PrefixIt! V7.0
.NET framework is nice indeed. I like it, and I am a Delphi "integralist". Unfortunately, someone in MS decided that interface name prefix 'I' is good but class name prefix ('T' or 'C') it is not. This has unpleasant consequences.
1 - It decreases code clarity, e.g. is that a class or an instance reference?
2 - It makes often necessary to use the full type name because of clashing with some property, e.g. every form has a DialogResult property so if you want to test for a DialogResult type value you end up writing "if AForm.DialogResult = System.Windows.Form.DialogResult.OK then"
3 - It makes instance naming a pain, e.g. as I can not call it Graphics should I call it AGraphics, MyGraphics, _Graphics, argh! C# chaps have a case-sensitive solution: they uncapitalize the instance names, e.g. Graphics graphics = new Graphics; Very readable indeed! Not to mention the problem if the instance is visible outside the assembly (.NET in general is NOT case-sensitive).
Delphi would have the solution: type equivalence, e.g.

TGraphics = System.Drawing.Graphics;
Graphics: TGraphics;

but manually rename all framework types is not an option.
Fortunately, using reflection it is quite easy to develop a tool that inspects one or more assemblies and generate units with all the required type definitions.
These type definition bunches are also a nice place where to put some helper types, especially dynamic arrays of base types that are necessary for object casting due to a quirk of Delphi sintax: casting directly to a dynamic array does not compile. e.g.

TStringArray = array of string;
e: TDragEventArgs
Drops: TStringArray;
//This compiles
Drops := e.Data.GetData(TDataFormats.FileDrop) as TStringArray;
//This does not
Drops := e.Data.GetData(TDataFormats.FileDrop) as array of string;

PrefixIt! V7.x is a .NET 2 application and supports .NET 2 only (last .NET 1.1 version of PrefixIt! (V6.1) is included too).

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