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ID: 23380, Productivity Experts

by Chee Wee Chua Email: Anonymous

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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 9.0 341 downloads
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Size: 37,601 bytes
Updated on Mon, 03 Apr 2006 20:27:31 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 08 Jul 2005 03:37:39 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C30227224959B327A62BD4E9F484D965F3AB523F
MD5 Hash: C5C6DBB88B35FE342F0BAAEB6B160AA6

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Chee Wee's Productivity Experts 0.8


This is an IDE keyboard binding expert that provides the following
1) Region Expert - marks a block of selected text as a region with a
keystroke in C# and Delphi.
2) Comment Expert - marks a block of selected text as comments with a
keystroke in C# and Delphi.
3) generates XML-styled comments (XML Doc) for code declarations with a key
sequence in Delphi and C#.
4) auto comments extension expert - automatically inserts // in between
blocks of lines in Delphi.
5) Goto Region Expert - iterates through all open files and presents a list
of regions, allowing you to select what region to go to, optionally expanding
the region, and displaying the selected region at the top of the editor.
Currently only supports Delphi as there's a bug in the OTAPI which doesn't
allow it to iterate C# regions. Activate using Ctrl O + Ctrl X ( NOT Ctrl O + X ).
6) Code Template Insight - supports all personalities/languages
Automatically expands any matched code templates. Code Template Names
may not differ by 1 letter, eg, tryc, trycf. If that happens, the first
match is always taken, ie, the name of a code template should not be the prefix
of another. Instead, use something like tryc1, trycf. To try in Delphi, try
typing arrayc. To try in C#, try typing tryc.
7) MSDN Help expert - provides help using Ctrl F1 by looking up in MSDN with the word
nearest the cursor.

Installation/Compilation instructions
There are two ways to install.

Method One
Use Install Component, and select the package to install.

Method Two
1) Load the package (.dpk) or project (.bdsproj) in the IDE (if available).
2) Activate Project Manager.
3) Choose Install, which will compile and install the package into the IDE.


The experts were tested in Insert mode only. Results are not guaranteed in
Overwrite mode.

Usage instructions

1) In order to use the region expert, select a block of text, and press
Ctrl D. You will then be prompted for the region block name. If you
cancel, nothing happens. Once you've entered a region name, and
pressed/clicked Ok, the block of text is region-ised.

The selected block of text will then be marked as such

{$REGION 'User provided region name'}
... selected text...

2) In order to use the comment expert, select a block of text, and press
Ctrl K /

The selected block of text will then be marked as such

// ... selected text...

3) In order to use the XML styled code comments expert, press / (forward
slash) 3 times before a routine declaration. You can either do it before
a routine declaration on the same line, or on the line before the
routine declaration.

1) |procedure X(Y: Integer);
2) |
procedure X(Y: Integer);

4) In order to use the auto comments extension expert, press enter at the
end of a comment line.

For example, given the following,
line 1: // Comment 1
line 2: // Comment 2

and you press enter at the line 1, then the following happens
line 1: // Comment 1
line 2: //
line 3: // Comment 2

5) In order to use the Goto Region expert, open all Delphi (.pas) files which contains
regions. Then, press Ctrl O + Ctrl X ( NOT Ctrl O + X) and a list of regions will
be presented. Either double click on the region, or click on the region and press Enter.
You will then go to the selected region, optionally expanded at the top of the editor.

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