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ID: 23397, JReport Enterprise Server 7.1 for Unix

by Heng Yu Email: Anonymous

Built completely in Java, JReport deploys on any J2EE application server and seamlessly integrates into any application, scales to any workload.
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Updated on Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:59:23 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 13 Jul 2005 12:04:50 GMT
JReport Enterprise Server empowers applications with customized reporting. Built completely in Java, JReport deploys on any J2EE application server and seamlessly integrates into any application, scales to any workload, and provides complete report management, distribution, and administrative functionality. JReport Server enhances applications by providing users with intuitive, consistent interfaces for accessing and interacting with business-critical reports.

Easy, Seamless Integration
JReport’s pure Java architecture and rich set of APIs enable seamless integration and customization of reporting within other applications. With its sophisticated reporting capabilities and ability to integrate with existing security schemes, JReport adds immediate value, as critical data can be securely extended across the enterprise. Using JReport’s collection of reusable tags, developers can easily embed the desired components of JReport’s DHTML interface directly into JSPs in minimal time. In doing so, reports are delivered or accessed through a familiar and consistent interface, alleviating the need for end user training. Because JReport integrates right out of the box, few resources are required for implementation and maintenance and time-to-market is expedited.

Interactive & Ad Hoc Reporting
With JReport’s interactive DHTML output, end users can dynamically modify – filter, search, sort & drill - reports to obtain unique and personal data views. JReport’s DHTML toolbar or interactive Web objects can be embedded into reports or JSPs at design time, enabling users to control, customize and navigate report views. JReport further extends interactive reporting by empowering applications with ad hoc reporting. End users can define report criteria and layout at run-time to generate interactive ad-hoc reports.

High Performance, Scalable Solution
JReport Enterprise Server is built on a high performance engine that can handle any workload demand and easily scales from single-CPU to large, multi-CPU and clustered server environments. To ensure system availability and ready access to JReport functions and report output, JReport Server enables fail over mechanisms that are fault tolerant to any single point of failure. JReport offers several features to optimize performance by making the most efficient use of system resources. And, with JReport’s Web-based system performance monitor, administrators can view system status and manage resource and configuration settings from anywhere.

Flexible Report Management
JReport’s built-in folder structure for resource management contains two repositories – “Public Reports” for access by any authorized end user and “My Reports” for personal access only by the folder owner. Reports can be generated and distributed in any format including DHTML, HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, RTF, and delivered via email and fax. In addition, report triggering, scheduling, and versioning can be managed using the Enterprise Server management console.

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