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ID: 23498, GemXplore Developer

by laurent jutard Email: Anonymous

GemXplore Developer enables any Java developer to easily build SIM Toolkit and JavaCard applications used in the GSM Telecom Industry.
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For JBuilder, Version 10.0  to 12.0 139 downloads
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Size: 55,032,889 bytes
Updated on Sun, 21 Aug 2005 21:19:53 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 18 Aug 2005 02:53:55 GMT
SHA1 Hash: CD40EB1D591A1E5D9F0516B26464C4B914C45A46
MD5 Hash: 3EB56C98A19591F5097CC87CEED30B54

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GemXplore Developer enables any Java developer to easily build a SIM Toolkit application within in a familiar environment, Borland's JBuilder IDE, thus ensuring a smooth transition towards Java Card and SIM Toolkit.

Develop in Java Card Configuration
SIM Toolkit or Java Card/Open Platform skeleton code is quickly generated using the Java Card Project Wizards integrated in JBuilder. This provides developers a sound basis to start coding their applets.
Going through the Wizards with just the "Next" button generates fully functional code that is ready to load and test in a real card.
Altogether, these features will significantly decrease the developer's learning curve as well as the total development time.

Debug your Java SIM Toolkit Application with one click
GemXplore Developer also includes "one click debugging". One click on JBuilder's "Debug Project" button sets up a complete debugging environment with the applet loaded in a card simulator that is interfaced with a GSM mobile phone simulator.
This means that your SIM Toolkit applet will be 100% functional when you finally download it onto a real card (full product only).

Deploy your applets on real cards (full product only)
GemXplore Developer offers additional features for deploying applets on real cards:
+ Applet downloading on real cards.
+ Full support of OP commands and APDU command scripting tools
+ Full support of JCRMI
+ File system browsing - particularly useful for applets that interact with the card's file system.

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