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ID: 23580, Delphi 7 Memory Manager

by Hallvard Vassbotn Email: Anonymous

Delphi 7 replacement Memory Manager for Delphi 2006
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For Delphi, Version 10.0  to 10.0 299 downloads
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Size: 14,688 bytes
Updated on Fri, 04 Nov 2005 07:52:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 26 Aug 2005 05:40:09 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1DF02283133EFD6F8A367C9ABBA3621013B966E9
MD5 Hash: FA319785F6E81CA8F2078D61BAA3D8A2

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About the Delphi 7 Memory Manager Demo
The D7MM unit installs a Win32 memory manager identical to the default MM shipped with the Delphi 7 and Delphi 2005 RTL.

Delphi 2006 contains a new and improved MM that should be used for new projects.

The new Delphi 2006 memory manager (FastMM) can be less forgiving of application bugs such as double frees, using or freeing invalid pointers, etc.

If you experience such issues with your application when recompiling them with Delphi 2006, the best solution is to track down and fix those potentially dangerous bugs.

If you are short on time or have other reasons for wanting to use the old Delphi 7 MM with a Delphi 2006 project, you have the option of using this unit instead.

Based on original code Copyright Borland
Adapted by Hallvard Vassbotn,

For more information, see

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