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ID: 23635, How to create an additional menu in Together Architect 1.1

by Roel Gillesen Email:

This is a sample on how to add a custom menu to Together Architect 1.1
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For Together, Version 4.2  to 4.2 43 downloads
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Size: 17,674 bytes
Updated on Tue, 27 Sep 2005 05:50:08 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 27 Sep 2005 05:52:08 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 7260720C9AB294BE3E0A18F1EA3286B7D0BD1F8B
MD5 Hash: F9956CC5D40A6C107CAC0ECE98D64539

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You might want to have your own menu in Together with some common tasks you regularly use. Adding this menu would make it easier to find and launch those tasks. This sample tries to explain how this is done. You can find the comments in the files too.

To install:
- copy the zcustom.config to the \together\config\ directory
- copy the action.config to the \together\config\ directory
- copy the to your \together\lib\i18n\ directory


added to

# add properties to menu
myCommandCategory = SiemensMenu
myCommandCategory.mnemonic = S

added to action.config (bold line):

# main menu
action.root._main_menu = menubar
action.root._main_menu.child.10 = _fileCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.20 = _editCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.30 = _searchCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.40 = _viewCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.50 = _projectCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.60 = _projectRunDebug
action.root._main_menu.child.70 = _projectDeploy
action.root._main_menu.child.80 = _objectCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.90 = _toolsCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.100 = _myCommandCategory
action.root._main_menu.child.110 = _helpCategory

And then the full zcustom.config has been added
See this file for additional info.

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