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ID: 23674, ReportBuilder VCL

by Nard Moseley Email: Anonymous

ReportBuilder is the premier reporting tool for Delphi. Whether you need to create simple reports quickly or deliver the most advanced reporting solutions, ReportBuilder is the tool of choice among Delphi developers.
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Updated on Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:00:20 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:04:45 GMT
Call it information synthesis, data driven publishing, dynamic document generation, or just call it reporting. Whatever your preferred term, the fundamental need to transform data into effective, informative, documents is as pressing today as ever.

ReportBuilder is the defacto standard for Delphi reporting solutions. The genesis of ReportBuilder was the desire to deliver a product that does for Reporting what Delphi has done for Windows programming. In that spirit, ReportBuilder provides both a RAD environment and an object-oriented platform for solving the reporting equation.

Data Access provides for the retrieval of data from a database table, text file, Delphi object, or other data source in an organized fashion (structured as records and fields).
Data Process refers to the calculation of intermediate results based on the data and the modification of the report layout as the report generates.

Report Layout is a set of components that describe the look and feel of the report and define the behavior of components during report generation.

Report Output is a set of components that describe the exact content of each page.

End-User Reporting delivers powerful easy to use reporting tools into the hands of your users.

Easy creation and deployment of report applications to the web. Report Server, Web Tier, and Client Support.

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