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ID: 23757, FastReport 3

by Alexander Tsyganenko Email: Anonymous

FastReport 3 – new generation of the reporting tools
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For Delphi, Version 10.0  to 10.0 144 downloads
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Size: 17,404,371 bytes
Updated on Tue, 22 Nov 2005 12:48:38 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 28 Oct 2005 02:35:30 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 6877CE8B518FCDE2E7B4B31990F5D78EC33BCDD4
MD5 Hash: 60A9A23575098CD1AEB3EA98FFBD19B1

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FastReport 3 – new generation of the reporting tools.
FastReport 3 is an add-in component for giving your application the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport® provides all the tools you need to develop reports.All variants of FastReport 3 contains:
Visual report designer with rulers, guides and zooming, wizard for base type reports, export filters to html, tiff, bmp, jpg, xls, pdf, Dot matrix reports support, support most popular DB-engines. Full WYSIWYG, text rotation 0..360 degrees, memo object supports simple html-tags (font color, b, i, u, sub, sup), improved stretching (StretchMode, ShiftMode properties), Access to DB fields, styles, text flow, URLs, Anchors etc.

FastReport 3 Basic Edition
Basic set of opportunities for budgetary solutions.
FastReport 3 Basic Edition it will be sufficient for development applications with reports with "direct" logic. If you yet have not decided, whether all range of opportunities FastReport 3 is necessary for you, then Basic Edition - for you. The most simple variant for studying. It will not allow your users to break something in the set of reports determined by you.

FastReport 3 Standard Edition
If you need something more, than a base set, then it for you: the dialogue forms designer, internal script engine, allowing to operate logic of construction of the report, supporting 4 languages (PascalScript, C ++ Script, JSCript, BasicScript), end user report designer.
The built-in script debugger and dramatically increased performance.
You can get to the users not only create new and change old reports in the programs.
The dialogue forms supporting set of elements, will allow to enter the data, conditions and restrictions during construction of the report, and the built - in script adds practically boundless opportunities for reports construction.

FastReport 3 Professional Edition
All opportunities of FastReport 3 Standard Edition and little bit more. Full source codes of report generator - you can thoroughly understand work logic, change something according to your needs, make thin adjustment. Full freedom in management of the tool at your service.

FastReport 3 Enterprise Edition
This variant of delivery breaks off habitual borders of reports. Distances any more have no value!
Besides all advantages inherent FastReport 3 Professional Edition, in this variant of delivery there are components for web-reporting.
Report server which have been built-in to your application, can be in the near building or on the other continent. The best solution for corporate applications.
Reports will be formed on a server and to be passed the client in any convenient kind to your choice:
- Democratic and shared open formats htm and pdf. To clients and employees there will be enough web-browser (in a computer or the mobile device) for search and reception of the report.
- You can establish the special FR-client on workplaces for viewing reports of format FastReport 3 to be confident the users having access to your reports.

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