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ID: 23758, FastReport Studio

by Alexander Tsyganenko Email: Anonymous

FastReport Studio includes independent report designer, development means and also great number of demo reports and source texts of samples.
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For Delphi, Version 10.0  to 10.0 113 downloads
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Updated on Tue, 22 Nov 2005 12:39:42 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 28 Oct 2005 02:44:59 GMT
SHA1 Hash: AA1289739E90D782C83F05D306F6A91B925616FF
MD5 Hash: C77280E9A5CDD351AFAD0B961AA25D8A

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FastReport Studio is universal solution for business and for developers who use following products in their work: Microsoft(R): Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excell, Microsoft FoxPro, Sybase PowerBuilder etc.
FastReport Studio includes independent report designer, development means and also great number of demo reports and source texts of samples.
FastReport Studio for developers

FastReport Studio is a solution for developers who use Microsoft® technologies.

Now you can use fast, compact and multi-functional report generator from programs written in Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Microsoft Access, Microsoft FoxPro. Moreover, FastReport Studio supports any others development frameworks compatible with COM technology.

The basis of FastReport Studio is COM library allowing to view, to generate, to export and to analyze data from different sources which results in nice and comfortable form. This library contains own interpreters of Basic, C++, Java and Pascal macrolanguages that allows to handle data during report generating and to include analysis procedures into your report.

Of no small importance is ability to enter interactive dialogue elements into report that makes report generator more flexible and expands area of its practical usage. So, logic of interaction with end user with ability of report building process management can be included into report.

Do appreciate capabilities offered by report generator for usage from application program! First of all, it is ability of program data source usage via user’s data sets. Also reports can be built on basis of databases supported by Microsoft ADO mechanism. Another feature of no small importance is developed event mechanism. Access to great number of report generator events which can be intercepted is offered to application programmer. And therefore you can interact with report: for example, you can dynamically modify report appearance, sorting rules, etc.

FastReport Studio includes independent and fully visual report designer allowing to create new reports and edit existing ones quickly and properly. For user it is enough to have general skills in work with modern window applications for comfortable report development. Among new capabilities full Unicode support and wizards for even simpler and more comfortable automatic report generating and also built-in visual SQL-query builder for databases are worth mentioning.

FastReport Studio really international. It supports more than 25 different interface languages the switching between which is rather simple.

For support of developers, moreover, FastReport Studio is delivered with great number of demo reports and full sources of samples in ?++, ?#, Visual Basic and FoxPro languages. Demo samples are logically grouped and embrace whole multitude of report generator features.

Officially supported versions of development means:
Microsoft Visual C++ 6, Microsoft Visual Basic version 6, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET version, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET version, Microsoft C#.NET, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft ASP.NET, Sybase PowerBuilder

Use it yourself and give your customers everything that may be required from report generator!

Common features
- Powerful, compact and flexible environment for creating reports;
- Compatible with various development environments, which supportsCOM model (Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft CSharp.NET, Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, etc.);
- Includes set of language resources for 27 languages.

Data sources
- Microsoft ADO engine;
- Data supplied by application;
- Data generated by built-in script.

Supported report types and data processing
- Free-form;
- Simple list;
- Multilevel groups;
- Multilevel master-detail;
- Multicolumn;
- Cross-tabs;
- Charts;
- Labels;
- Nested reports (subreports);
- Special dot-matrix reports to print on dot-matrix printers;
- Interactive (dialogs, hyperlinks, etc);
- All of above in any combination.

Preview, print, and export
- Friendly WYSIWYG interface;
- Multipage, continuous, side-by-side previews;
- Outline support;
- Search text in preview window;
- Edit report in preview window;
- Print on any local and network printers, including dot-matrix printers;
- Export in PDF, RTF, Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, plain text, and CSV formats.

Report design
- Built-in report designer with customizable interface;
- In-place editing, zooming, rulers, guides and undo/redo;
- Three types of grid: centimeters, inches, pixels;
- Script editor with syntax highlight;
- Script debugger;
- Wizards for base type reports;

Advanced features
- Rich set of add-in objects: text, image, barcode, shape, line, chart, rich text, OLE object, gradient, checkbox;
- Full-featured Text object (paragraphs, text alignment, char spacing, line spacing, text rotation, Unicode, HTML tags);
- Various fill types and shadow;
- Build-in dialog designer allows you to create dialogs with standard set of wincontrols:
- label, edit, memo, button, checkbox, radiobutton, listbox, combobox, dateedit, etc;
- Built-in script languages: PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript and JScript;
- Access to base classes, report objects, controls and forms from a script;
- Storing reports in XML or compressed XML formats.

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