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ID: 23827, Lab Technology.NET

by Diego Canepa Email: Anonymous

Lab Technology.NET lets you manage your data as .NET objects and eliminates the need to map it onto database tables or other data containers.
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For Delphi, Version 8.0  to 10.0 22 downloads
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Size: 5,644,048 bytes
Updated on Fri, 04 Nov 2005 04:29:47 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 04 Nov 2005 04:34:45 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 8D781C64229697A75F16CF964CB5C06CB277B3E0
MD5 Hash: 822565DFEBB4CB8698AA41D0FEF70935

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Lab Technology.NET is the ideal data management solution for the game industry. It combines the power of the Microsoft® .NET Framework with productivity-boosting features. This technology lets you manage your data as .NET objects and eliminates the need to tediously map it onto database tables, XML files or other data containers.

Lab Technology.NET provides you with object libraries. An object library lets you store and retrieve collection of objects. An object library is engineered and optimized for fast data retrieval and rapid, trouble-free deployment.

Just use the graphical designer to create diagrams describing the classes and their relationships. These classes are then available as .NET objects for developers to use in their code. Lab Technology.NET offers services for single/multi-user environments to transparently and transactionally manage the persistence of these objects.

This technology dramatically reduces the amount of code that you need to write manually, saving your time, reducing programming errors and improving the overall maintainability of your applications.

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