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ID: 24031, TDataSetProvider Replacement

by Clint Good Email: Anonymous

TDataSetProvider replacement provides much improved performance when used in conjunction with poFetchDetailsOnDemand by not relying on standard dataset master/detail linking.
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Size: 44,503 bytes
Updated on Sun, 02 Jul 2006 21:42:04 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 02 Jul 2006 21:41:53 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C2AC06D2ADA3D3A4630D883EF2C9D97CED8ABEF2
MD5 Hash: 66D615F76272F0A65D0649EF1AB258D2

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TDataSetProvider Replacement
---------------- -----------

Modified and extended version of Provider.pas
Modified by Clint Good
ComputerFleet Australia 2006

This Software is provided as is and without a warranty of any kind.
Your use of this Software is entirely at your own risk.

This dataset provider replacement improves performance because it does not rely on standard dataset master/detail linking which performs more work than necessary to 'provide' the data, especially when working with poFetchDetailsOnDemand. The modified dataset provider (TcfDataSetProvider) contains the master detail definition and linking information itself.

The demo supplied is tested with SQL Server 2000 and uses the Northwind database. It assumes that the database name '.' (i.e. Local SQL Server installation) is valid. Change the ConnectionString property before compiling if this is not appropriate.

The cfProvider.pas file is a modified copy of Provider.pas so it's
operation should be the same as Provider.pas except for it's handling
of master detail relationships.

The key differences are as follows :-



DetailDataSetItems - Collection of linking information (TcfDataSetItem) for detail
datasets to the DataSetProvider's DataSet property.
(ie. Links to detail of the master dataset).


DataSet - Specifies the child dataset

MasterFields - Ordered list of field names in the master dataset
that determine the parameters set in the detail dataset.
Multiple field names are separated by semi colons (;)

DetailParameters - Ordered list of parameter names in the detail dataset
that are set to the value of the corresponding master
dataset field values as specified by the MasterFields property
Multiple parameter names are separated by semi colons (;)

DataSetItems - Collection of linking information (TcfDataSetItem) for detail
dataset of the TcfDataSetItem's DataSet property
(ie. Links to detail of the detail dataset).

AfterUpdateRecord - Analogous event to TDataSetProvider.AfterUpdateRecord but
specific to this particular detail dataset.

BeforeUpdateRecord - Analogous event to TDataSetProvider.BeforeUpdateRecord but
specific to this particular detail dataset.

These changes work well for our specific purpose, but there are many
different configurations which are untested. If you have any problems
or suggested improvements, please mail me at the email contained in the readme file.

Keywords:- midas datasnap datasetprovider TDataSetProvider slow poFetchDetailsOnDemand FetchDetails speed performance

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