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ID: 24066, Find/select components on a form just by typing their name/type

by Rossen Assenov Email: Anonymous

Delphi Expert similar to the Structure View but allows you to search and select components on the current form by name and/or type (similar to the filtering used in the new Tool Palette).
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 10.0 243 downloads
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Size: 44,953 bytes
Updated on Fri, 01 Sep 2006 11:57:55 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 09 Aug 2006 16:39:25 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 20DF3956E7E02B63D0332A80283BA77BD9EE161D
MD5 Hash: 688503782C4A3DCC2A206F1A4A869DFB

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Seaching for a specific component on a form can be very cubersome when there a lot of components. The component list combobox on the Object Inspector is not helping much. This Delphi Expert shows a treeview of all the components on the current form and allows you to find-as-you-type. It makes finding components a breeze. I borrowed some code from the GExperts project and will submit it to them for inclusion. In the meantime you can use this version - it can be installed together with GExperts in the Delphi IDE. Tested with Delphi 2006 - should work with previous versions too. Included a prebuilt .bpl file for D2006 and full source.

To use : switch to the form designer and choose "Select Components Expert" from the Help menu (Alt + H + C).

Updated : Show/hide the components treeview. In "mini" mode it takes much less space and can be left always on top. (Docking will be implemented when it's merged with the GExperts code base).

Updated : Save size/position/mode.

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