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ID: 24106, Upscene Advanced Data Generator, InterBase and Pro Editions

by Martijn Tonies Email: Anonymous

The "Advanced Data Generator" is a test-data-generator tool for InterBase and/or ADO/ODBC datasources.
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For InterBase, Version 4.0  to 8.0 15 downloads
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Size: 10,299,947 bytes
Updated on Wed, 13 Sep 2006 12:23:14 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 08 Sep 2006 07:09:33 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B3096CDC9995C926F0EB072CD84C943DD8423C81
MD5 Hash: A13D0612868A6F52C00927581F51C747

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Advanced Data Generator: No application can go without testing.

And no database-application can go without testing with a filled database. Plain and simple. "Advanced Data Generator" is our test data generator for databases.

It can be hard to collect real-life test-data. Luckily, the Advanced Data Generator can do it for you. It can generate data that looks and feels like real-life like data because it comes with a large repository of firstnames, lastnames, business names and much more.
Connect to any database

Connect to any database! The Advanced Data Generator can connect to any ODBC and ADO datasource. If there's a driver, you can connect and generate data.

Key Features

* Connect to any ODBC/ADO datasource ("Pro" edition)
* Connect to a single database system (database specific editions)
* Generate random data
* Generate data to the database, as INSERT script or CSV files
* Call stored procedures with random parameter values
* Many supported datatypes, including BLOBs
* Large data repository for real-life data
* User defined presets
* Fast!

InterBase Edition
The "InterBase Edition" of the Advanced Data Generator only connects to InterBase and comes at a lower price. For the rest, the functionality is exactly the same.

The InterBase Edition supports InterBase 4, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x

Other editions available, see website for details.

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