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ID: 24206, RMI Plug-in for Eclipse/JBuilder 2007

by Genady Beryozkin Email: Anonymous

Provides tools for RMI development in Eclipse/JBuilder 2007. Includes automatic stubs generation, RMI Application runner, Registry Inspector, RMI Spy, projects examples and RMI elements wizards.
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For JBuilder, Version 13.0  to 13.0 59 downloads
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Size: 1,014,865 bytes
Updated on Mon, 30 Oct 2006 17:34:08 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 30 Oct 2006 17:31:55 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 379F0DAF0FB5BAEEE55D8089BD47C1464578F36E
MD5 Hash: 443DEB910ADBF38C4BF4A526F305D43D

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Genady's RMI Plug-in for Eclipse/JBuilder 2007 is the comprehensive solution for developing RMI applications. Apart from the automatic generation of RMI stubs and skeletons, the RMI Plugin makes it simple to configure application's Java VM parameters such as security policy and the codebase, and features the RMI Registry Inspector, that analyzes the RMI registry contents in real-time! When it comes to debugging and monitoring, the RMI Spy will tell you all about application's RMI activity, including call time and data transfer measurement, call highlighting and displaying the actual values of the remote calls.

The RMI Plug-in also features two sample RMI projects. It's easy to just create and run them to have a taste of the RMI technology.

The home of the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse/JBuilder 2007 is

For more information, see

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