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ID: 24357, ALLCapture

by Daniel Bernard Email: Anonymous

Record your on screen activities in real-time and create your own Videos, Demos and Tutorials in minutes. Add several effects, such as notes balloons and frame transitions and publish your movies as Flash or ASF on the internet, on DVDs or send them by e-mail.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 11.0 61 downloads
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Size: 9,911,436 bytes
Updated on Wed, 21 Feb 2007 06:42:49 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 21 Feb 2007 06:19:21 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 8397FF87D54039116ED5F6F5025B1034C735B74E
MD5 Hash: BEF0028767B13251ECB9BA144EF09EF6

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Record your on screen activities in real-time. ALLCapture is a software that allows you to capture your desktop activities in real-time and create your own Videos, Demos, Software Simulations and Tutorials in no time whatsoever. You can record the entire or just parts of the screen as well as audio at the same time and edit it afterwards (f. ex. adding balloons or other text objects as well as audio and useful elements and special effects). The videos can be generated in many formats meaning that they can be sent as email, placed on DVDs or uploaded to your website. 5 good reasons for ALLCapture:
- It is possible to record audio and desktop activities at the same time.
- Use different sound channels for background music and speech commentary
- PowerPoint-Presentations can be recorded and converted into Flash-files
- ALLCapture compression technology: the videos are small in size and consequently ideal for the internet.
- A vast selection of output formats is available: Flash, EXE, ASF for Windows Media Player, MPEG for DVD, SVCD and VCD.
Furthermore, SkinStudio and PanelStudio add-ins allow you to customize your ALLCapture projects. PanelStudio enables you to create your own Flash navigation bars while SkinStudio lets you create a wide range of skins to add to your projects. ALLCapture is an extremely user-friendly software and no programming knowledge is required to use it. Whether your organisation focuses on commerce, administration or education, ALLCapture can be used quickly and effectively to create product presentations including CAD-3D simulations, e-learning contents for employees and provide online and offline tutorials/courses for students at Universities. In addition, ALLCapture is ideal for helping to explain software and websites.

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