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ID: 24506, Component Palette Inspector Beta V5.0 for Delphi 6.0

by Ramadan Abu-Msameh Email:

Component Palette Inspector (CPI) beta version is a collection of experts which provide various helpful services to speed Delphi applications developments in the following categories: component palette, form designer, property inspector, debugging and IDE.. The currently updated version contains a "source-code" generator to access IDE components for customization purposes. Download help file from submission #24988
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 6.0 212 downloads
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Size: 18,202,471 bytes
Updated on Sat, 29 Nov 2008 22:14:41 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 12 Mar 2007 03:23:18 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3506830D56E23C32CF2DE191F6704E872FC1596D
MD5 Hash: AA5732B4AE87DF560F114BB0DCE2FE78

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CPI provides the following services for users:
1.Components Palette Services
1. Provides a rectangular palette with an array of bitmaps capable of displaying 1026 components at once
2. Provides a list-view palette with names and bitmaps
3. Provides a scrolling bar to move across components quickly
4. Provides bitmaps coping to a single file
5. Provides bitmaps copying in single files
6. Provides copying of selected bitmaps
7. Provides filtering options of displayed components in panel and list-view modes
8. Provides users with "tabs" for selecting sites and domains.
1. Single Selection
2. Multiple selection
3. Single-paste
4. Multiple-paste: allows users to insert different components at the same time
5. Repeated-paste : allows users to insert multiple copies of a component
1. Search for installed components by their names
2. Search for installed components by their types
3. Search for installed components by their properties names
4. Search for installed components by their properties names and types
5. Search within displayed palettes
6. Provides users with an automatic generations of “groups” and “keywords”

1. Classify components into "groups"
2. Classify components into "collections"
3. Classify tabs into "Categories"
4. Enable users to manage groups, collections and categories
5. Allow users to select components and place them in a "group"
6. Allows users to select a set of components and place them in "collections"
1. Transfer components between different groups
2. Transfer components between different collections
1. Loads component sources code
2. Loads component unit source code
3. Loads component package source code
1. List installed components of units
2. Lists installed components of tabs
3. Lists installed components of categories
4. Lists installed components of packages
5. Lists installed components of groups
6. Lists installed components of collections
1. Simplifies the selection of components by using concepts of sites and domains.
2. Provides an internet-like navigation process through components sites and domains.
1. Enables users to Explore all components in any site or domain
2. Helps users to write down notes on installed component
3. Helps users to get full information on components, units and packages
4. Provides MY Favorites collection
5. Provides Hot tolls for direct access of components
6. Provides Hot page for components,tabs,units,packages, groups, collections and categories.
7. Explore Delphi registry
8. Pick up colors on screen and select colors from predefined sets to use them in form design

2.Form Design Services
1. Search for component by their names
2. Search for components by their types
3. Search for component by their properties names
4. Search for component by their properties types
5. Search for components by data of their properties
6. Sends search results to HTML file
1. Select components found by search methods on design form automatic (supper feature)
2. Select all non-visual components
3. Select all components of same type, to set their properties by property inspector at once
1. Enables users to bookmark selected components in form designer
2. Enable users to go to selected components
3. Enable users to directly edit booked components
1. Enables users to define their own styles of component naming
2. Provides different style to be used for component renaming
3. Provides a component-dependent renaming convention system
1. Helps users to hide, show, and organizing none visual components
2. Organizes non-visual component into different orientations ex. rectangle, square, ...
3. Edit non-visual component directly from CPI form by double clicking their names.
4. Tabulates all non-visual components in non-visual page.
5. Select/unselect all non-visual components to enable users to move them around at once
1. Helps users to pick up colors on screen and select colors from predefined sets
2. Provides users with a hint manager to edit hints of components
3. Provides users with a help manager to define help links plus a help-map file manager
1. Provides a sophisticated color property editor with various options
1. Provides copy-paste of components (under construction)
2. Provides a "goto" navigation menu
3. Provides a "send" navigation menu
4. Provides a navigation list for tab sheets of a page control
5. Provides "Find" navigation tool for component and its methods
6. Provides quick operations on popup menu of selected component such as creating, selecting, editing, and clipping
1. Provides copy-paste of components
2. Generate a form color-restoring procedure

3.Property Inspector Services
1. Designer selected component "name", "type", and "name and type"
2. Designer selected property "name", "type", "value","component+name+value+type"
1. Provides selection history
2. Selects components from selection history
1. Provides quick navigation tools to properties
2. Provides quick copy-paste tools
3. Provides sub-menu in local menu

4.IDE Services
1. Provides automatic syncEdit of blocks and routines
2. View colors of color codes in editor
3. Modifies color codes in editor by selection
4. Counts and search for keywords

1. Enables users to dock dockable forms in CPI dock areas
2. Enables users to dock Delphi major forms
1. Property inspector
2. Structure viewer
3. Tool Palette
4. Project Manger

1. Helps users to explore the insides of Delphi IDE
2. Explores all Delphi child-forms
3. Explores all experts and wizards installed in Delphi IDE
4. Explore CPI itself
5. Explore the insides of Delphi IDE “Application”
6. Explore the insides of Delphi “AppBuilder” application builder.
7. Explore the insides of active form under design

1. Provides an on-demand exploration tree of component with the followings nodes
o "Owned","Parented", "Properties", Special", and " hierarchy"
o "Visual", "none-visual", "Types"
2. Provides a full-tree structure of explored components with the following nodes
o History, components, classes
o Enumerations, actions, events
o Types and icons.
1. Execute actions in explored components
2. Execute notify event methods
1. Simulate explored menus by reconstructing menu form its elements
2. Simulate popup menus
3. Simulate sub menus attached to menu items.
1. Provides run-time properties inspector to modify properties
2. Provides color property modifier
1. Helps users to generate a source-code to explore Delphi IDE components;
2. Generates GET property value source code
3. Generates SET property value source code
4. Generates RUN source code for methods
5. Generates EXECUTE source code for methods and actions
6. Generates EXAMPLES source code
7. Generates full units source code for accessing all properties of a component
1. Provides list-view for inspecting properties
2. Provides a tree-view for inspecting properties
3. Provides list-view for inspecting events/methods
4. Provides a tree-view for inspecting events/methods
5. Provides a three basic hierarchies of component which are
o Classes hierarchy
o Parents hierarchy
o Owners hierarchy
1. Lists contents of menus
2. Lists content of list boxes, check boxes
3. Lists content of image-lists images
4. List contents of tool bar images
5. Lists content of tree and list views
1. Provides shortcut editor

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