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ID: 24560, FREE PRO-Tector Software Licensing & Copy Protection SDK

by Paul Cooper Email: Anonymous

Welcome to the Codegear promotion from Nalpeiron. This exclusive offer allows you to get a FREE copy of the Nalpeiron Digital Rights Management Software.
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For Delphi, Version 11.0  to 11.0 126 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 5,994,124 bytes
Updated on Tue, 24 Apr 2007 05:40:32 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 23 Apr 2007 10:55:17 GMT
SHA1 Hash: F05F4CC85C0DC2A1FA82262F00C571B712E69486
MD5 Hash: 815F6950BFF4621B7617CF41BCCF1A75

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Welcome to the Codegear promotion from Nalpeiron. This exclusive offer from Nalpeiron allows you to get a FREE copy of the Nalpeiron Digital Rights Management Software when you buy Codegear products.

Yes, that's FREE, no catches, it's a full version with no limits on the amount of Software you can protect for one of your Software Titles.

The offer is for our PRO-Tector Standard Version and it allows you to offer trial and demo versions of your software using the Patent Pending Nalpeiron Technology.

-- PRO-Tector is included in the Codegear DVD and allows you to protect your Software from casual piracy. --

Look at all the advantages PRO-Tector™ gives you:

* Copy-protects your Windows applications—including those developed in .NET, C#, VB, C++, Delphi, MS Office files and Macromedia Director.

* Increased flexibility – enables you to price, package, and protect your software in a variety of ways with a wide range of product activation and protection options.

* Robust copy protection – provides uninterrupted user access to licensed software even after upgrades, updates, or modifications to their desktop.

* Lower support costs – eliminates phone calls from end users trying to re-license software after making a change to their PC or move licenses between PCs.

* Virtually eliminates software theft – powerful SDK prevents illegal copying or sharing. Beats Norton Ghost, MS VirtualPC and VMWare!

Now you can create secure trials with your bundled copy of PRO-Tector Standard:

"Trialware" or demonstration versions of Software products are an essential marketing tool for every Software Company today.

Trialware is a protected, fully functional trial version of a product.

Trialware enables customers to use the latest version of a product with all of its features fully available on a trial basis. After a predetermined trial limit (either a specified number of days or a specified number of uses) has been reached, the trialware expires.

However, trialware is also a favorite target of the 'cracker' community. Cheap, poor and weak technologies essentially put your Software in the wrong hands for free!

Using a combination of highly secure licensing technology implemented via an SDK, license codes that are sufficiently long and strong and license key generators that are never made available outside the Software Publisher (and never on a server) are the best way to secure your demo software.

Match the secured software demonstration with an equally strong license and activation server based in resilient, firewalled and fully protected server technology and you will have the best solution to beat the crackers.

All fully compatible with the latest versions of Software Installer technology.

For more information, see

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