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ID: 24701, WmiSet Collection v1.8: do system administration via WMI

by Serguei Khramtchenko Email: Anonymous

The components to access Windows NT/2000/XP features: disk quotas, drives info, processes, OS settings, remote registry editing, WQL queries, system events, performance counters, volume defragmentation.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 9.0 170 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 1,675,763 bytes
Updated on Thu, 12 Jul 2007 08:08:03 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 12 Jul 2007 08:00:27 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 6BD8EDA19B8699909886BC873D773D1C189960F6
MD5 Hash: 6E446F313AC7EE49195003E6B3B38737

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What is new?
- Version 1.8 is compatible with Delphi 2007
- The collection has a new component TWmiDiskKeeper that analyzes volumes, defragments them and checks for errors.
- The collection has been tested with Windows Vista. Visit to learn how to upgrade your projects.
- TWmiProcessControl component can now enumerate threads in the processes running on a local or remote host.

TWmiQuery executes queries against WMI service. Use it to retrieve almost any computer configuration information. For example: "select * from Win32_Account";
TWmiConnection connects TWmiQuery component to a destination computer.
TWmiProcessControl controls processes running on a local or remote servers;
TWmiStorageInfo obtains variety of information about disks, CDROMs, partitions, tapes etc;
TWmiDiskQuota manages disk quotas under Windows XP or higher;
TWmiOs reports variety of operating system settings on a local or remote computer;
TWmiRegistry reads and writes system registry on local or network computers;
TWmiSystemEvents reacts to the events happening on a local or remote computer;
TWmiMethod executes the methods of WMI objects;
TWmiPerformanceMonitor monitors performance of various parts of operating system;
TWmiDiskKeeper de-fragments and checks for errors the hard drives on a local or remove Server 2003 or Vista computers;

This version is precompiled for Delphi 2007. Visit us at to download versions for other compilers.

For more information, see

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