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ID: 24955, Update 2 for Delphi for PHP 1.0/2007

by Tim DelChiaro Email: Anonymous

Update 2 for Delphi for PHP 1.0/2007
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For HTML5 Builder, Version 1.0  to 1.0
Copyright: All rights reserved

Terms of use: Export restrictions

Size: 22,869,664 bytes
Updated on Wed, 07 May 2008 14:15:56 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:52:10 GMT
Delphi for PHP Update 2

This update is being provided to licensed users of CodeGear Delphi for PHP.
Installation and use are governed by the license statement for CodeGear Delphi for PHP.

Install instructions:

1. If you have modified any files in the VCL for PHP directory, back up your modified copies of the files.
2. Uninstall Delphi for PHP
3. Install the new version into the same directory where the original version was installed.

You can verify that you have the latest version installed by running Delphi for PHP and checking Help|About. Delphi for PHP Update 2 is Version

Changes in Delphi for PHP Update 2:

Delphi for PHP Update 2 includes an updated version on the VCL for PHP, updated InterBase client library, improved documentation, and many bug fixes including fixes to the following issues reported via Quality Central:

43902 Listview doesn't work in some situations
43983 Names under non visual components disappear
46543 Inheritance does not work correctly
47652 AV when using code completion
48305 Error: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window
48074 Libraries OpenSSL not installed in the right places
48475 Access violation accessing external unit objects (class)
47831 Delphi for PHP application will not run on web server
47656 error message when I use query
46265 Image and DBGrid can t show mediumblob-fields
46231 Canvas->Line( ) broken
45853 FLOW_LAYOUT is not implemented, yet
43127 ListBox add -- no shortcut key defined
43688 qx.js does not deploy with deployment wizard
44252 Can't change character set in the IBX IBDatabase component
49162 Incorect value in properties of TLabel object (and all objects)
45326 Grid index out of range when moving an image component
45043 Form Designer corrupting XML representation of form
43815 Image items editor editor annoyance

Update 2 includes new component packages, if you have a previously installed version of Delphi for PHP, those packages won't be installed automatically and you may want to use them. For that, open Delphi for PHP and use the menu option Component | Packages and click the Add button, searching for the following:


Copyright 2007, CodeGear. All rights reserved.

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