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ID: 25066, Nice T prefix for .NET 2 classes with some compile time packages

by Mauro Venturini Email: Anonymous

.NET 2 classes with nice T prefix, some compile time packages is all what is needed.
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Updated on Fri, 12 Oct 2007 05:11:57 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 12 Oct 2007 05:12:00 GMT
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SystemT V2.0.50727.42 (RAD Studio 2007 ready)
.NET framework is nice indeed. I like it, and I am a Delphi "integralist".
Unfortunately, someone in MS decided that interface name prefix 'I' is good but class name prefix ('T' or 'C') it is not. This has unpleasant consequences.
1 - It decreases code clarity, e.g. is that a class or an instance reference?
2 - It makes often necessary to use the full type name because of clashing with some property, e.g. every form has a DialogResult property so if you want to test for a DialogResult type value you end up writing "if AForm.DialogResult = System.Windows.Form.DialogResult.OK then"
3 - It makes instance naming a pain, e.g. as I can not call it Graphics should I call it AGraphics, MyGraphics, _Graphics, argh! C# chaps have a case-sensitive solution: they uncapitalize the instance names, e.g. Graphics graphics = new Graphics; Very readable indeed! Not to mention the problem if the instance is visible outside the assembly (.NET in general is NOT case-sensitive).
Delphi has the solution: type equivalence, e.g.
TGraphics = System.Drawing.Graphics;
Graphics: TGraphics;
The type equivalence definitions for the .NET framework can be generated automatically using a tool as PrefixIt! (it can be downloaded at and some packages built from them: SystemT0.dll, SystemT1.dll and SystemT2.dll (the number of .NET 2 types is too larger for a single assembly).
Now to use inside your application or package these new names for the .NET framework types you have to:
1. Add references to SystemTx.dll packages removing both the "Copy Local" and the "Link in Delphi Units" options;
2. For every namespace N that you want to use inside a unit add N AND N.T to the uses clause.
That's all.

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