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ID: 25491, Transformation Manager

by karl glenn Email:

Transformation Manager (TM) is a comprehensive software toolset providing for the authoring, testing, debugging and deployment of data integration components. TM is well proven, scalable and robust, delivering best-in-class solutions for some of the largest and most innovative organisations in the world. It is a true meta-data driven, Java component generator and offers a step change in integration solution delivery providing the traditional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL/ELT) functionality and wider integration solution e.g. Application (EAI), Information (EII), Service Bus (ESB) and Business Intelligence (BI).
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Updated on Wed, 26 Mar 2008 09:03:31 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 26 Mar 2008 02:57:23 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 709CB8D6BBEC2E8314A2CA9E2094934F1A245735
MD5 Hash: 9112620D5A0E421C8A0A9F6F3A23428C

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TM is a data integration toolset with numerous features. The following list summarizes TM's Key Features:

1. TM is a fully Comprehensive Toolset comprising a Design Tool, a Test Tool, a Debugger and Deployment Tool designed to meet all your data integration and ETL needs.
2. TM has at its heart a humanly-readable, intuitive, powerful language that, together with drag and drop capabilities, enables the creation of Powerful & Flexible Transform Descriptions.
3. TM is Meta-data Driven freeing users from proprietary standards.
4. TM allows for the tracking and displaying of the transfer of instance data as it happens.
5. TM generates Java transformation components, allowing users to deploy wherever they wish in their own Java environment.
6. TM offers High Performance and Full Scalability by moving pieces of data which greatly exceed the available memory of the machine.

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