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ID: 26482, Analog gauge c++ component

by Matteo Gattanini Email: Anonymous

C++ VCL graphic control reproducing an analog meter for displaying floating point values
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Updated on Wed, 17 Dec 2008 05:53:39 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 17 Dec 2008 05:53:32 GMT
An4logGauge is a c++ VCL graphic control reproducing an analog meter for displaying floating point values.
This control is based on 'A3nalogGauge.pas' Antialiased Analog Gauge component for Delphi 2002, Irnis Haliullin (,
which was based on AnalogGauge component by Shteg Vyacheslav, Supersampling algoritm of Nacho Urenda.
See more info in the header file.

Example of usage:
#include "unt_An4logGauge.h"
cls_An4logGauge* meter = new cls_An4logGauge(Panel1);
//meter->Parent = Panel1; // Not necessary
// Assign proper dimensions, ex:
meter->Width = 200; // [pix]
meter->Height = 100; // [pix]
// Or dynamic dimensions:
meter->Align = alClient;
// Setting the Layout
// For centered style call the facility:
meter->SetCenteredLayout(120); // [deg]
// For right or left style, simply call:
meter->SetRightLayout(); // or SetLeftLayout()
// More generally, set AngleMin and AngleRange:
meter->AngleMin = 45; // [deg]
meter->AngleRange = 270; // [deg]
// Other settings
meter->Caption = "A";
meter->FullScaleMin = -50.0;
meter->FullScaleMax = +50.0;
// Displaying values
meter->Value = 10.3;
// You can see value using hints:
meter->ShowHint = true;
// Something to do at mouse click
meter->OnMouseDown = MyMeterMouseDown;
/*void __fastcall MyMeterMouseDown(TObject*, TMouseButton, TShiftState, int, int);*/

For more information, see

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