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ID: 26843, Delphi for PHP 2.0 with Update 2

by Tim DelChiaro Email: Anonymous

Full install of Delphi for PHP 2.0 including Update 2
Available to registered users of Delphi for PHP 2.0
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Delphi for PHP 2.0
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For HTML5 Builder, Version 2.0  to 2.0
Copyright: All rights reserved

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Size: 71,187,189 bytes
Updated on Tue, 19 Aug 2014 21:47:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 01 Apr 2009 11:40:24 GMT
Readme for Delphi for PHP 2.0 Update 2

This update is being provided to licensed users of CodeGear Delphi for PHP. Installation and use are governed by the license statement for CodeGear Delphi for PHP.

Install instructions:

1. If you have modified any files in the VCL for PHP directory, back up your modified copies of the files.
2. Uninstall Delphi for PHP
3. Install the new version into the same directory where the original version was installed

You can verify that you have the latest version installed by running Delphi for PHP and checking Help|About. Delphi for PHP 2.0 Update 2 is Version Update 1 was Version

Fix List for Update 2

Update 2 includes one fix beyond the fixes included in Update 1. In earlier builds, when the Japanese IME was active, the IDE wasn't aware of it and processed the F6-F10 before the IME itself. Now this is fixed.

Previously Fixed in Update 1

+Fixed problem requesting information about help updates when no direct internet connection was available
+Fixed problem with Code Explorer when typing very fast and the explorer was in updating stage
+Fixed problems in OI, Splash and Options Dialog when working in another DPI
+Fixed problem closing all or opening a new project, when units/forms were in an specific order
+Fixed designer problem when changing layouts
+Fixed problem on the repository when double clicking on the list and no item was selected
+Fixed problem with some setups where Apache didn't start properly
+Fixed problem with dataexplorer and dataviewer with MySQL and MSSQL tables
+Removed unused keymaps
+Fixed problem with Tooltip hint, now uses Tahoma by default
+Fixed several code formatter issues
+Updated localization
+Fixed problem pasting a layered control containing subcontrols
+Fixed problem spacing brackets on source code formatter
+Fixed bug clearing empty event handlers when saving
+Fixed problem restoring active desktop when multilanguage enabled
+Fixed problem cleaning OI and Structure when closing forms
+Fixed problem loading forms with errors, endless loop rendering components
+Fixed problem retrieving headlines
+Added .html files to deployment wizard to work with templated forms
+Repository now is hidden before execute an action
+Fixed problem setting properties in the OI for HTML elements
+Fixed focus problems on search and replace dialogs
+Go to bookmark, now centers the line
+On Structure panel, Uses now show / instead of \
+Fixed bug moving tabs on the code editor
+Now, user dir can be set using the userdir registry key
+d4p:// protocol now is set on the installer, not by the IDE
+Opening a file and checking the .xml.php to see if it's a datamodule, now handles better errors
+Now, properties are not generated on codeinsight if the class doesn't inherit from Object
+Disabled breakpoints doesn't break anymore on the debugger
+Fixed problem with renaming a linked module, so linked properties are properly updated
+Added more information when there is an error executing apache from the IDE
+Fixed bug pasting into an HTML surface
+Fixed bug in Code Insight showing private members of a class
+Fixed bug in Code Insight showing virtual properties from classes not inheriting from Object
+Fixed bug executing Apache server in machines with specific configuration
+Improved dropping of components in templated forms
+Fixed bug selecting HTML elements from the OI
+Fixed problem renaming forms
+Replaced japanese start page template by one encoded in SHIFT_JIS
+URL for headlines now is parametrized on the localization.sib file to allow for different feeds depending on the active language
+Fixed AV undocking main menu and dropping down Tools menu
+Google Package is now installed by default (for clean installs)
+Fixed problem with the client area of the IDE, where the designer area can be unpinned and that caused troubles
+Registry key is deleted when an uninstall is performed
+View Units dialog fixes to display properly Japanese
+Clicking on the gutter lines move the cursor to the left of the line
+Fixed small localization issues
+Fixed problem rendering components when the Page is using HTML strict
+Packages not found when loading the IDE are asked to be loaded again the next time
+Requesting help on templated form for HTML elements now show the index help page instead of anything
+Added the csVerySlowRedraw style, for components like the updated RichEdit, that needs more time to redraw
+Fixed bug adding requires, now uses / instead of \
+Now, when saving, event handlers attached to components are checked to exist on the page, and if not, the user is prompted to remove it
+Pressing ESC on Templated Forms now work as it should, that is, select the form behind
+Fixed problem with vcl-bin folder after update Apache
+Added new method to create js units for self testing
+Fixed problem loading the IDE, a global var for designers wasn't initialized properly
+Added CodeInsight to method calls when @return in phpdoc is set
+Modified Espa├▒ol folders to be Spanish to prevent problem with installer
+Now, the protocol d4p:// is registered by the IDE, so call stack dump from the browser can open files
+Updating apache setup
+Fixed problems auto typing { } in spanish os
+Fixed problem when @return had more than a single space before the type
+Updated Apache to latest version 2.2.8
+Updated PHP to latest version 5.2.6
+Now, MRU elements in top menu, doesn't repeat numbers
+If search string is blank, the exception raised is not handled by Eureka
+Fixed the CoClass warning when using the listener
+Updated Japanese PHP manual
+Added simplified chinese to the localization languages
+Fixed visual issues with toolbars on dataexplorer and profiler windows
+Syntax Check button now on default toolbar
+Fixed problem with remaining line highlighting if using Call Stack

+UpDown must update itself on the preinit, not in the init
+Fixed bug authenticating the realm using ZAuthDB
+Modified MySQL drivers for ADOdb to force a new connection, so it doesn't reuse existing ones
+Small fix to documentation
+Fixed problems with mb encodings on form loading
+Removed Orientation property from RadioGroup
+Fixed small problem with SimpleChart
+Small fixes on ParentColor
+Added UseAjaxUri property to Page to allow you override the default setting
+Fixed an ajax problem when using a richedit
+Updated Adodb
+Fixed problem on PageControl firing an event not assigned
+DateTimePicker drop button now is resized according to the size of the control
+New property on CustomTable to specify if the table has autoinc primary key or not
+Fix to allow components use functions found in common.js at design time
+Fixed problem placing canvas based controls inside qwidgets
+Output params in Oracle native components
+Pager default caption for next and prev, changed
+Fixed problem in Memo addline
+Fixed problems in CheckBox and RadioButton regarding read it's state from POST
+Fixed problem in CheckListBox updating Checked property
+Fixed problem generating Tabs on a PageControl
+Fixed problem generating header code for SmartyTemplate
+FrameBorder property now has a dropdown on the OI
+Fixed bug on RPC when using FF3
+Now, SmartyTemplate uses getenv to guest the temp folder location
+Fix on the VCL regarding the generation of the relative path
+Removed blank line at the top of the
+Updated xajax to 0.2.5
+GoogleMap component now uses the csVerySlowRedraw style
+Fixed problem placing bevel inside pagecontrol
+Fixed problem clearing Memo
+Added a new style called csVerySlowRedraw, for components that need even more time to get repainted
+Added Target property to MapShape
+Added Target property to Page
+Fixed a bug on the PopupMenu and JavaScript event processing
Updated Xinha to 0.95
+Added ZCache component to Zend Framework components
+First integration of cache on the library (beta)
+Added d4p:// on the call stack dump to open the IDE
+Fixed problem on fixupProperty to allow be used by the Page
+Fixed bug on GoogleMap component to work well on IE7
+Added patch from Jonathan Benedicto to make the CheckBox to work like in Windows
+Zend Framework updated to 1.5.2

Copyright 2009, Embarcadero Technologies. All rights reserved.

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