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ID: 27134, Iocomp Components Ultra Pack Evaluation

by Joe Castoro Email: Anonymous

Iocomp's ActiveX/VCL Ultra Pack is a suite of 63 controls written for use in creating professional instrumentation applications using ActiveX or VCL development environments.
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For Delphi, Version 9.0  to 14.0 43 downloads
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Size: 9,098,404 bytes
Updated on Wed, 19 Aug 2009 20:35:22 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 03 Aug 2009 18:02:10 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1A1D601021D0637CFB1E53AE35D862313F1A2088
MD5 Hash: 8D5036AE4094A7B8F3C57B1BCA980C8A

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These controls can be used for Scientific, Engineering, Medical, Oil and Gas, Semiconductor, Factory Automation, Aerospace, Military, Robotics, Telecommunications, Building and Home Automation, HMI, SCADA, and hundreds of other types of applications.

All Iocomp controls are OPC-Enabled. If your project requires OPC connectivity, you can connect any property to your OPC Items/Tags. All connections can be made visually using the Iocomp property editor or can be performed dynamically through code. (Note: OPC features require a separate OPC Add-On License purchase)

Controls Included: Plot, XYPlot, Scope, Edit, ModeComboBox, AnalogOutput, AnalogDisplay, Label, Knob, Slider, SevenSegmentAnalog, LedBar, LedSpiral, LinearGauge, Thermometer, Odometer, AngularGauge, Gradient, SwitchPanel, SwitchSlider, SwitchToggle, SwitchRotary, SevenSegmentInteger, SevenSegmentBinary, SevenSegmentHexadecimal, SevenSegmentClock, SevenSegmentCharacter, SwitchLed, LedRectangle, LedRound, Valve, Tank, SlidingScale, SlidingCompass, SwitchRocker, SwitchRocker3Way, SwitchQuad, SwitchLever, SevvenSegmentClockSMPTE, LedDiamond, LedArrow, LedMatrix, SpectrumDisplay, PieChart, PercentBar, LogGauge, AngularLogGauge, Compass, DualCompass, Panel, RotationDisplay, ObjectCanvas, Keyboard, PhonePad, Timers, and ThreadTimers.

Overall Features

•All License Purchases Include 2-Year Support & Maintenance!
•All Licenses Include ActiveX and VCL Versions!
•Controls are Supported by 100+ Development Environments!
•Borland VCL Version Includes Full Source (100% Delphi Source)!
•Royalty Free Distribution (Excludes HMI & SCADA type applications)!
•Real-Time, High-Speed Controls!
•Professionally Designed to Function Like Real-World Controls!
•Built-In Custom Property Editors for Ease of Setup!
•Vector Drawing. No Fixed Images Which Cause Sizing Issues!
•All Controls are OPC-Enabled (Requires OPC Add-On Purchase)!
•Most Controls Only Require One Line of Code to Use!
•In Use by 1000's of Companies Around the World!

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