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ID: 27569, xxm: a common platform for IIS, IE, Firefox, Apache, CGI...

by Stijn Sanders Email: Anonymous

xxm is a generic platform for IIS, Internet Explorer (IInternetProtocol), CGI, (Firefox and Apache is on the way). It extracts the Delphi code from between de HTML files (much like PHP, ASP, ColdFusion...), and compiles it into a library, ready to be run by adapters for IIS, Internet Explorer, a stand-alone HTTP service, (and more in the future)
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Updated on Mon, 01 Feb 2010 00:19:04 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 01 Feb 2010 00:19:04 GMT
An xxm project contains source-files that hold both HTML and Object Pascal source code. These are converted (e.g. by the auto-compile feature) into a plain Delphi project, which is compiled into a xxm Library (with the .xxl file extension). This xxm Library can be loaded by one of the xxm handlers:

an IInternetProtocol implementation that plugs into Internet Explorer
an ISAPI extension that plugs into IIS
a stand-alone basic HTTP server
an old-fashioned CGI application
... (more are on the way: a firefox nsIProtocolHandler implementation, an Apache module...)
Most handlers are available in these forms:

no extra's: the handler loads one or more xxl's and keeps them loaded until shutdown
auto-compile: the handler checks if source-files are modified, and parses and compiles the project (great for development!)
auto-update: the handler checks for a .xxu file, if present requests are stalled until the xxl can get overwritten by the xxu file (great for live environments!)

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