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ID: 27696, FASTSCRIPT - multi-language scripting engine

by Alexander Tsyganenko Email: Anonymous

FastScript is a cross-platform, multi-language scripting engine. It is useful for programmers who want to add scripting ability to their projects. FastScript can be installed in Borland Delphi 4-7, 2005, 2006, 2009, C++Builder 4-6, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, Kylix 1-3 and Lazarus.
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For RAD Studio, Version 4.0  to 14.0 44 downloads
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Size: 1,813,031 bytes
Updated on Mon, 03 May 2010 02:50:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 03 May 2010 02:50:01 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B4381FE2C728E162542138B1C779F1A168E9A9EF
MD5 Hash: C709F20F4E47CD092762564AB300C5D6

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Flexible and powerful

An unique feature of FastScript is its ability to use several languages (PascalScript, C++Script, JScript and BasicScript). This allows you to write scripts using your favorite language. FastScript doesn't use Microsoft Scripting Host, so it can be used in both the Windows and Linux environments.

FastScript offers a wide range of features, including cross-platform scripting, fast code execution, a small footprint, a great variety of tools, and excellent scaling options. Use FastScript to make your applications really flexible and powerful!

- OLE support.
- Variant array support.
- Multi-language architecture supports several languages (currently, PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript and JScript).
- Multi-language scripts may be used. For example, one module may be written in PascalScript, another in C++Script.
- Standard language set: variables, constants, procedures, functions (nested functions are allowed) with var/const/default parameters, all the standard operators and statements (including case, try/finally/except, with), types (int, float, bool, char, string, multi-dimensional array, enum, variant), classes (with methods, events, properties, indices and default properties).
- Checking compatibility of types.
- Access to any object inside your application. Standard libraries for access to base classes, controls, forms and DB. Library architecture may easily be expanded.
- Small footprint - 80-150Kb, depending on the modules used.

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