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ID: 27808, Dbexpress connect error if using DLL with VCL

by Andre Jenkel Email: Anonymous

If using VCL components in DLL open of TSQLConnection fails with "driver could not be properly initialized..."
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Updated on Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:21:45 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:21:45 GMT
We use a big App with nearly 100 DLL. Several of them has TForm based GUI elements.
After changing to C++ 2010 we have a problem with DBExpress connect to DB (MSSQL, using Native Client 2008).

We can reduce the problem to this:
- Made a test App with TSQLConnection that can connect (on a deployment machine) to the DB.
- Than add (only bind) a DLL to this project, that incudes a function with this code:
Screen->Cursors[(TCursor)CD_C_NORMALMENUE] = hCursor;

- Additional this DLL has a Dummy-class I instantiate from my Test-App to bind the DLL. There is no other code I call from this DLL.

If I execute this App (with the binded DLL) the open to the DB now fails. On my developement machine I sometimes can open the DB, but not on the machine with the deployment. And I think there is all correct installed, because the Test-App can open the DB without bindung the DLL.

Even if I eleminte the Source Code line (shown above) the open is OK.

Unforntunately if I start the whole App with the several DLL the open fails.

Is there something going wrong in the VCL DLL initialization?
What can I change to get my App running, even with DLL with forms and GUI in 2010?

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