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ID: 27811, TsiLang Components Suite 6.5.1

by Igor Sitikov Email: Anonymous

TsiLang is a software localization components suite for Delphi and C++Builder developers. This suite supports all languages and can do both internal (inside executable file) and external (separate file or library) localization.
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For Delphi, Version 4.0  to 15.0 34 downloads
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Size: 12,266,871 bytes
Updated on Fri, 27 Aug 2010 02:54:21 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 29 Jul 2010 05:20:16 GMT
SHA1 Hash: FE43AC91C834E644687E761E0D72172A1444F0B5
MD5 Hash: 9FE3CE818AB270BBC70F28A8F9ECD99A

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Localizing software for different international markets can double and even quadruple sales. This is why almost every software company considers localization a must. Yet, localization is both a complicated and expensive process. Lucky of Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix developers, there is TsiLang Component Suite - the complete automatic localization solution.
First, TsiLang Component Suite supports Global Public Translation Database (GPTD), which is a collection of common UI terms and phrases. GPTD is available at This means you may be able to translate your program interface to most European languages without paying translator a dime. If you don't know German term for Access Violation or Save As…, simply look it up in GPTD.
The second advantage of this component suite is that do both internal (inside executable file) and external (separate file or library) localization. Obviously, the first way is preferable when trying to minimize the size of installation file. Yet, in many instances additional localization files are added after the program is released. In the latter case, external localization solution is preferable, because new language files can simply be downloaded from the developer's website.
This is how TsiLang works - a component is dropped onto the form, then the translation for user interface terms is entered and after that the default language can be changed on the fly. As simple as that, and the learning curve for TsiLang Component Suite is very low.
TsiLang Component Suite is being used by thousands of developers worldwide, including employees of Sony, Siemens, Bayer and SBF Bourse de Paris. It's a natural choice for smart developers who don't want to do extra coding each time a new language is being added. And, the component can be tried absolutely free of charge.

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